three things

After Angie posted the song, “Day By Day” last week, I have been singing “Oh, dear Lord, three things I pray” all week! That is one of those songs that sticks in your head, isn’t it! We sang that song every week when I was in high school with a couple of guitars and silk shirts with jeans strumming the three-chord song. I also reveled in retro again this week and relived ABBA moments through most of the movie and walked out singing “Dancing Queen.” And I know you want to hear about our little guy, CJ, so I take the cue that pops in my head and write about the three things, one so serious and two quite frivolous in comparison.

CJ still needs your prayers. No one is certain what all is to come for this little guy, but he has a journey of healing ahead of him. This little guy is darling and so young for such a major battle. It breaks my heart to know in his young life, he has had to struggle for the things I take for granted in a normally beating heart, breathing a full breath and not experiencing pain. God has His healing Hand on this child and his family. Their faithfulness must please God as He shows them much favor and Grace through each day. Please remember them in your prayers in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for a mindless break and to walk away with a lingering smile, I have just the prescription. Mike’s parents, Mike, and I went to “Mama Mia” last evening, and though much of it was corny, it made me feel good. I’m still singing! I should disclose: ABBA and I spent quite a season under the shiny disco ball and any movie with the credit Meryl Streep in it, I want to see. She does not disappoint, though I won’t say anything about her co-star, Pierce, but I guess I just did so I won’t leave you hanging. He is good in his role too, but needed to allow someone to do the voice over for the music part. The beautiful, young Amanda Seyfried was amazing and for some reason kept reminding me of Hayley Mills. For a more clever review, go here. Suffice it to say, it was well worth the cheesy parts to gather up a bowl of feel-good in an otherwise tough day.

After the fun we had with the bloggy giveaway last quarter, I’ve decided to participate in the Bloggy Giveaway again. Look for the post Monday morning, and comment to win your chance for a iPod shuffle or a gift card from Target. It was great joining in the carnival, and summer just seems to call for a little celebration of some kind. So come back Monday and here’s the scoop for anyone reading this– you can enter once a day until Saturday, when I’ll pick the six winners.

Be blessed this weekend, and spend some time with your family. Hug your children a little tighter and realize how precious that time with them is.

Until tomorrow,


5 thoughts on “three things

  1. Oh Annie- how old is CJ? He looks so little. What a doll and precious gift of life!

    I lift CJ to you Lord- We ask that you will wrap your loving arms around him and his family. Lord we ask for a miracle for this baby- so that your name will be glorified in it all. Lord- we ask you strengthen the parents through this trial. Show them that all things work for the good of those who love YOU!

    We praise you for all you do!
    In Jesus Name-
    Your Siesta
    (could you pass this prayer on to the family)

  2. Blessings on little CJ and his family. Also, my friends went to see the movie and had the same reactions as you. Thanks for the tip about the carnival … wonder if I can scramble and get in on the deal?!

  3. I will continue to pray for CJ.

    I can still picture myself in my dreadful St Thomas’ uniform (all 3 styles – elementary, jr high, and high school) singing Day by Day in chapel during morning prayer.

    Love, A2

  4. I have been lifting up CJ and his family. Thanks for the update. I hope your weekend is wonderful! (and I can’t believe it’s carnival time again. Where does the time go?)


  5. Oh, boy! I have been praying for C.J. and will continue to keep him in my prayers! I will have to go see Mama Mia. I’ve seen the play, but love the music and Meryl Streep.
    I’m still singing, Day by Day! 🙂
    Love you, sweet, generous friend!
    Angie xoxo

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