a different cover to cover – week thirty-three

I don’t have any specific passages today-only a heart filled with gratitude for His Word available to us as a safe place to fall, a refuge in times of trouble, a place of joy for a weary heart. He is Sovereign and He is good, and His plans for us are filled with hope infused on every page. I am grateful to have my Bible where He directly speaks to me so sweetly as we read through His Word in Cover to Cover. For specific recaps and insights from others in this week’s readings, visit Bev at Cover to Cover. Today, I simply want to give God thanks for the logos, the whole Word, and the rhema, specific words He has for each of us in every situation.

The Holy Bible is the one living book I need for every aspect of my life. I pick up my Bible when I’m sad. I pick it up when I need words of consolation. I read my Bible for direction and for assurance. This day in particular, I find myself looking for the tangible heart of God on its pages.  Our hopeless estate is evidenced in its story, in the many similar pits we find ourselves. Yet He always leaves us with a way to return to Him. The Bible offers hope, salvation and joy to believers in its Word. The doctrine of Scriptures is binding and relevant. The history of the Bible proves true in every generation. It is a compass, a sword, the definitive word for decisions and direction. Heaven’s doors are opened on its pages, and Light is given to direct our paths. It is a map and a guide, and to the open hearted reader, it gives strength to make the journey. For one who is at war, it is the Sword of Truth, the provision for battle, the victory promised over evil and destruction. It is food for the hungry, riches for the poor, joy to those who mourn, strength for those who are weary.  Those who read it should revere its passages, taking in its words slowly and deliberately. For within its covers are the keys to Life. It is the very heartprint of God.

I humbly give thanks for the freedom we have to read through its pages. I sorrowfully repent of the many times I have taken it for granted, not looking to it or believing God for His promises found on every page. I ask for the Holy Spirit’s revelation to help me grasp its life-giving promises, its fire, its serious warnings, its direction, then for a heart to be obedient to follow its instruction. Finally, I give thanks for Bev and each of you who teach me so much  each week through your own very personal walks with Him, and for other sisters who seek to know Him through its pages. May we walk this out together in victory. To God be much glory and praise.


6 thoughts on “a different cover to cover – week thirty-three

  1. Matthew 24:35 says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” This book, his word, is alive and powerful and will be one of the few thing we know now that will remain the same throughout eternity. That is a comfort.

  2. That just sings. I too find so much comfort in the pages of my Bible. Too often I take for granted the many Bibles I own. I love that He provided His Word for me (and you…). Blessings to you this day, my sister.

    love to you,

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