our next President

I realize this video has been spliced and cut to fit its purpose to reveal Obama’s worst side. That said, I still feel you should watch this and factor in what we do know about the man who may be the next president of the United States. I am struggling this time with confidence in both candidates. I am a firm believer that more information is better–hopefully, right from the candidates’ mouths, so we can make an informed decision. You can ignore the commentary on this, but listen to his words.

Please join me in prayer for a strong America, restored American faith, and a world leader whose resolve is to lead this country as a servant of the Lord. Shonda has a powerful prayer on her site that I hope you visit, print out, and pray for our nation. Please watch this and all comments are welcome. I want to hear what you think, and most importantly, I want you to take a stand and pray your heart. None of us can afford to sit on the fence on this one. Too much is at stake.


3 thoughts on “our next President

  1. Shonda’s prayer is so powerful. Oh, how the Word is so powerful and so wonderful. All believers who have blinders and scales on need for them to fall off, that is part of my prayer for our nation. We have to vote, to stay home and not vote is letting the enemy win. We have such a wonderful privelege and responsiblity. Thanks for posting this. I had heard the clips before. I did not have the same reaction to the forum. It always amazes me that we get different perspectives even with hearing the same words, that is one of the things I will never understand. We all have to pray for discernment and wisdom to let Him guide us. Blessings, sweet Annettee.

  2. It’s tough isn’t it?

    Did you watch the Saddleback forum this weekend? It would have been more interesting if the candidates teams had not been given the questions ahead of time. Some of it seemed so contrived to appeal to a “church” crowd. So rehearsed.

    Thanks for Shonda’s prayer… i plan to print that out later.


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