All of this talk about cool weather coming and I have yet to receive that surge of energy to put those “to do” lists into action. So, this beautiful Saturday morning, I sit on my patio looking around. The pool toys need to be tucked away. The sunning chairs will be rolled in. The yard requires some replanting with fall colors that will take us into our mild winters, and, oh, the scary garage. . . maybe it could become a Halloween haunted house tour if I don’t get to everything. The handyman has his list, too, but he’s hunting, so he gets the weekend off. Where most of the country’s weather stirs us to spring cleaning, fall is our best time for enjoying the outdoors. “Winterizing” our homes takes on another meaning in Texas since we’ll be outdoors more in the next nine months than we were all summer. I think I’ll start by rolling up the garden hose after I wash off all the D.E. that was left behind from cleaning the pool. Now if I could only cut down trim my neighbor’s oak and sweet gum trees that drop trash in the pool from September to March. Blessed fall!



7 thoughts on “i.n.s.p.i.r.a.t.i.o.n.

  1. It’s sort of unbelievable that you guys will be spending more time outside during the next 9 months than you have this summer. We are already sadly thinking about being boxed up for the winter. We always hope autumn will last a long time, but it never lasts long enough. Winter here gets more difficult as we age, which is why so many people migrate to you!

  2. UNinspired is a better word to describe me today. It is beautiful outside. MY beloved is outside building the chicken house and I am suppose to be inside cleaning..(haha) Well that worked out well for me!

    Inspiration is a perfect word to describe you!
    Thank you so much for blessing me tremendously!


  3. I say sit outside until it’s hot and read a book or the Bible. When it gets hot, go inside and continue to read or take a nap. (Can you tell how inspired I am today?)

    Love, A2

  4. I better work on my house because we will be IN it for the next 9 months! Did you ever know that I hate (yes, I feel that strongly) W.I.N.T.E.R.? Have fun enjoying your cool weather and that beautiful patio!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

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