dancing leaves and hearts

THIS is it! That glorious day in Houston, Texas that comes to all who wait patiently. Hope springs eternal this day. There is a little skip in my step, a flutter in my heart. At last–my favorite non-holiday day of the year. This morning, sun radiates through the trees, and the fragile, ever-crispening leaves shiver as the cool breeze begins to shake them to the ground. The chattering birds sense it, too. It is beautifully and wondrously cool this morning. Welcome first signs of FALL! I dance with joy.


10 thoughts on “dancing leaves and hearts

  1. Careful what you wish for! Next week this time you’ll be in Michigan where you’ll get a real taste of Fall! Then… you’ll be glad to go back home to your nice warm days! I can’t wait for you to come up here!
    Love you guys,
    Angie xoxo

  2. I think this is my favorite season of all….. it’s great to take a walk through the leaves and see God’s handiwork!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Annie!

  3. Same here in Oklahoma! It was an incredible day beginning with crisp air and a real sense of autumn in the air.

    I’m going to the attic tonight to begin putting out my autumn decorations. (I wish Christmas decor could stay up as long.)

    Blessings, Annie!

  4. I am waiting for some days like this. (I did see geese flying overhead yesterday though…) We are expecting cooler days starting tomorrow so fall is right around the corner. (We know it’s fall because it’s football season. sigh.)

    I’m glad you are having a beautiful day. Enjoy it to the fullest!

    love you,

  5. Praise the Lord- it is always nice in Houston- to wake with low temperature and NO humidity-haha

    I do wish I was in PA or even Missouri which are having a high in the high 60’s !! Now that is fall weather!

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