wordless wednesday – prepare for Ike


17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday – prepare for Ike

  1. Stay strong in Him. I have lived in this area for thirty years, and storms have come in many ways. They are comparing this one to Carla, 1960, which was the worst Galveston had seen since the storm of 1900. Follow what they tell you to do, and continue to pray that Ike dissipates and no harm comes to anyone. Take care, everyone and stay dry. Love, Annette

  2. Hello My friend- how are you this fine morning?
    Was curious on what you were doing to prepare for this storm? I am a bit intimidated. Trying to keep my emotions in check and my heart relying on God!


  3. Praying for you as we watch where yet another hurricane is heading. Please keep us updated as to how you are and where you are. We have had wind and rain from the outer bands all day today. Just take care, and know that we are praying for safety for all of you!! love, Kathy

  4. The picture says it all. Someone said I don’t know how ya’ll can stand it down there with hurricanes. I thought at least we have warnings unlike earthquakes.

    Blessings and peace to you. Love ya!


  5. Good luck with that storm coming! Looks like people are taking the “get out of dodge” seriously. I feel blessed to live where there are no chances of having to weather those types of storms. Be safe!

  6. And we are north and things are certainly bustling around here already! Evacuees are already arriving and since I work for a govt office that includes Emerg.Mgt, it’s pretty crazy around here!

    I hope you all stay safe!!!


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