never forget

Three years ago, we went to Florence, Italy. As I was walking down a side street, I saw this sign on someone’s door to their home. It touched me beyond belief. It was almost four years after the awful day and yet it was still on their hearts–and in English for those of us to know what they said. I have flown my flag in my yard every day since.

Italy remembers.

Let America never forget.

September 11, 2001.

God bless America.


10 thoughts on “never forget

  1. We had a little water in our sunroom–the skylights leaked–no surprise there, and a tree fell on our back fence. Ahem. Remember the one I was complaining about last week dropping trash into our pool? All is safe at our house. No air conditioning or power yet though. Thank you, everyone for your prayers. Love, Annette

  2. I won’t ever forget it either! I remember exactly where I was that day. Linc and I had gotten married just 2 months prior. That sign would have still hit me like a ton of bricks!
    Thanks for sharing it today!
    Angie xoxo

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