keeping the git up ‘n go in yer giddy up

UPDATE SAT. MORNING – We’re still with no power, but we have hot water, gas stove, camp lanterns, and this morning, MILK for my coffee. No ma’am. No more dry Coffee Mate for this connoisseur. I even got whole milk, not skim, with that bag of ice yesterday. And cookies for breakfast. I should have posted a picture of Cookie Monster instead of Oscar the Grouch. We’re really doing fine. And it has brought out the best in neighbors. There are some good lessons through this experience. Our power is expected to be back on some time early next week. School is still out, and most people are not able to work. So please keep everyone in your prayers. Hourly paid workers and small business owners have been especially hurt financially. As for us, I actually am still enjoying most of it, especially watching God’s Hand comfort in each circumstance and the 21st century Yankee Ingenuity of people figuring out how to get things done. Again, thanks for your prayers. The stories I tell are not most people’s account. We are most fortunate.

God Issues had this to say in today’s devotional “Fortitude wins the day.” It spoke to me and I hope it speaks to you.

Choosing JOY!
It’s not failure to fall down, but it is failure to stay down. Has our fallen world fallen on you? Is discouragement whispering in your ear? Are you thinking of abandoning a dream for the security of mediocrity? Don’t do it. Remember that “Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt” (Genesis 19:26). When Peter turned his eyes from Jesus to the wind he was afraid and began to sink (Matthew 14:30). But when Stephen looked up, he saw Jesus (Acts 7:56). So will you.

 Fortitude wins the day. Where is yours being tested this morning?


11 thoughts on “keeping the git up ‘n go in yer giddy up

  1. Thanks for the update. I too have thought of those not being able to work and the hourly workers and small business owners are really going to feel this. Praying for everyone’s power to be up ASAP. God is moving every where. Thanks for pointing us back to Him.

  2. Sorry you don’t have power yet. I have found Carnation Instant Milk tastes better in coffee than most non dairy creamers…1 or 2 teaspoons does the trick.

    I made 35.00 this week at work, it really makes me keep my eyes on the Source – our Lord & Savior.

  3. Hello Anne,
    I read of your terrible experience on Marina’s blog. I would like to send my prayers out to you. Hoping better days will come your way very soon,

  4. Good word for today.

    I hope and pray for ya’ll in the wind blown and flooded areas. Do you have your power yet as I read at LPM that some of them have power?

    Lots of love-

  5. Mine: being tested in my schedule 🙂

    You must be pooped! Praying that you are continuing to make good progress with your “list” and that you and Lauren will have a relaxing time together before she leaves.

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