the birds are back

The squirrels never missed a beat. In fact, I am fairly sure they thought it was Christmas in September when all the pecans fell and they were left in a flurry to gather, eat, and bury the harvest before we swept them away in the piles of debris. But the birds have been slower to return, and I was getting a little worried. Here is proof this morning that they really do like the bird seed better than the cat food, and they must not have gone too far because they are my same friends that joined me for morning coffee before the storm. One of the stores had a sign that somewhat said it all. Because I didn’t have a camera, I’ll try to replicate it:


sharing at the feeder Sat. morning

sharing at the feeder Sat. morning

fat papa cardinal is at his post again

fat papa cardinal is at his post again


2 thoughts on “the birds are back

  1. What a treat to see the birds. I like to watch the birds. We put out dog food in some of our feeders. The grackles and doves eat the dog food. The smaller birds eat the suet from the suet feeder. I usually see the cardinals eat the loose seed from the other feeder. BTW–I have a really good suet recipe the birds like better than the store bought stuff if you feel like making them something “homemade.” Chase & I studied birds last year and had so much fun watching and learning about God’s creatures from the fifth day. I’m still praying you get your power back soon!! I try to imagine how you’re doing it. Lots of love!

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