’tis the season

My husband is an avid hunter. He loves to go hunting in all kinds of weather. He sits in a blind in the wee hours of morning, freezing and waiting. He waits until the last day to get himself that perfect buck he’s been watching all season. If he were to take him on Opening Day, he wouldn’t have anything to do until January. Duck hunting is another story. Ah, the season that keeps on giving. Mike makes sure that he takes his share, often limiting out in a day. Have I mentioned that duck is dark meat? Dry, dark meat. I’ll just put it this way: someone in our house wasn’t the least bit disappointed that we lost everything in the freezers after Hurricane Ike.

Recently, we have a new game sport that opened in Grimes County, Texas: alligator hunting. Seriously. And I happen to know where you might find one or two. Oh, take the limit. Please. Our place in the country has recently been overtaken by the reptilian monsters. I hear they eat dogs for breakfast. So, if anybody is interested in an alligator hunt, I’ll cook you dinner. I guess it shows my torn state on the subject of hunting. Deer – huh? Ducks – yuck. Alligators – where’s the Terminator when you need him?

But deer? I get all the practical talk about “thinning the herd” so they don’t all go hungry in the winter, or something like that. I even understand the adrenaline that comes right when you see that 14 pointer come into range–well not really, but I’ve heard about it–a lot. I realize that it is a sport that most Texas men consider sacred. I guess I don’t object to hunting philosophically, but I do think they could adjust a few of the fine points to make it more fair. Most sports equip both teams.  If it were a real sport, they’d give the deer a gun.


5 thoughts on “’tis the season

  1. Ohhh, don’t tell Mike how I feel about it. One thing that really upsets me about the deer is that man uses chemicals and technical stuff which the deer can’t compete against. I’m a girl who doesn’t get it, and when I was dating, it would have been a deal-breaker for me, even if the guy was nice. Now, gators? That’s a whole different thing to me–that’s like killing killing machines. Go for it.

  2. We do not have any hunters in our home, but the price of meat these days I wish I did!!!

    As for alligators and the terminator- well- I think there are some people out there that would love to have some gator on their menu!(ugh)


  3. My guy mentioned entering the Texas sweeps for an alligator hunt. Can I tell him he can have one really? I dont know what we’d do with an alligator. I have no desire to eat it. Maybe a new purse? No. IDK. Trophy shots to savor the memories of his great time. He’s into that hunting stuff. I’ve gone with him, but lack the patience and like to talk to much. Definitely a guy thing as they dont talk much.

    Engrafted by His Grace-

  4. How I laughed when I read this post. My husband is not really a hunter.He’s only killed one deer in his life. Oh, my how that story gets told over and over. I understand how you feel about eating the meat and dark meat is usually very tough and it has more fat than white. You have my sympathy. Thanks for a post that made me laugh.

  5. How funny, we bth mention hunting in our posts today. I would run over my own foot with an 18 wheeler before I knowingly eat venison! Duck is awful, don’t get me started on goose….but fried gator balls can be a great snack, ha ha ha

    Our sun room which used to be a TV room has hunting gear all over it. I keep the doors closed at all times and have quit cleaning in there.

    My man hunts in Menard, TX and sometimes the Davis Mountains and north of Abilene. He threatens to hunt dove from the front porch and he could drive down the street for gators.

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