it’s done if the turkey doesn’t run away with the spoon

As of this moment, my oven is out and the dishwasher is not bolted in. The washer dances across the room, and the dryer tosses the clothes but blows cold air. That’s just the list of things I know aren’t quite right yet as we prepare to have Thanksgiving dinner at our ranch home for the first time since it’s been “finished.”

We are preparing madly to make sure we have all kinds of food, dishes, tables, chairs, but if the bird won’t cook, we’re in a little hot water!

Our Thanksgivings are never dull. Once I almost set the kitchen on fire just minutes before the guests arrived. My mother had requested a corn casserole at the last minute and I accommodated. I threw it all together and as soon as it was ready, I pulled it out of the oven and put it on the back of the stove (which was left on high) and ran to get my shower. Minutes later, Mike was yelling “Come here. The pyrex is imploding on itself.” Sure enough, the glass dish was not only cracking and dropping melted glass on my linoleum, but Mike had pulled it off directly onto the formica counter, and left a burn ring on it. The vision of a wonderful smelling home vanished as burnt plastic permeated the air. That was the year insurance paid for us to remodel the kitchen. On another occasion, I cooked the turkey to perfection, only to find a plastic bag right in the middle of a very inappropriate cavity. Who knew there were two bags of that goop? I won’t bore you with all the Jello failures I have had–no kidding–Jello! Truth be known, I can put a meal together when I want, but there is nothing like a crazy morning when lots of company are on their way. There simply are no guarantees.

What’s on your menu this year? Will you be home or away? Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving. Wherever you are, remember with me our Gracious Provider.


11 thoughts on “it’s done if the turkey doesn’t run away with the spoon

  1. You are so funny !! and I agree with shonda what great memories you have “)

    I well be having thanks giving at my house these year I know I well be a mess.

  2. Wow! I would have barred the doors from everyone coming in!

    We’ve always gotten together at my sister’s home and each of us bring our designated foods…mine is the Turkey and Dressing with the Gravy.

    But because of mother staying with sister right now and requires so much time, etc., we will gather at my sister’s church fellowshipp hall. Won’t be quite as “warm” as in a home setting but for now this will work.

    And then on hubby’s side, for several years we have gone to a local restaurant on that Saturday, but this year, we’re going to his borther’s and having something very un-Thanksgiving…Shrimp Creole and all the fixins!! Whice we are ALL excited about. His dad use to make this for family gatherings so this will be a first since Dad died in 2000.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  3. Oh Annie…. you made me smile this morning…. I struggle with Jello, and thought I was the only one! I guess not.

    Hope all goes well and you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.

  4. I have absolutely NO idea what we will be eating this Thanksgiving. I just know that whatever we have, it won’t matter because we’ll be Blessed just being all together! I just hope we don’t get sunburned! 🙂 I won’t have to cook, so that will be a treat. I will think of you all and hope it all comes together. If not, it’ll make for another good memory!
    Angie xoxo

  5. That is very funny! (I know, only after the fact.) I don’t really have a whole lot planned this year. The budget is extremely tight. And I’m not sure yet if my in-laws will be coming. Usually that would bug me, but with their economic situation, I understand.

    Anyway, I’ll probably make pumpkin pie, turkey, dressing, potatoes, and a different vegetable which I haven’t thought of yet.

    Hopefully, no surprises will come my way!


  6. Oh my word! Bless your heart. I would have been wound up tighter than a drum! Hope you get everything fixed and running smoothly at the ranch.

    This year (and every other year) it will just be me and hubs. Hopefully it will be a quiet and restful day. The next day we host Thanksgiving for his entire family. Since its a large number, we serve the meal in the fellowship hall at the church. (Now that my MIL is living in our town, I get to do this EVERY year 🙂 ) So, IF I have my act together, it will be a restful day.

    Last year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday for my family AND on Friday for his family. It all worked out good but I had to keep it in high gear with much planning and preping to stay on target.

  7. Perhaps there’s a local chinese restaurant (think Christmas Story) where you can go to have dinner if all else fails. Rather than have turkey twice, I’m making lasagna for my mom’s dinner.

    Praying for peace for you!


  8. Oh my goodness! I would be pulling my hair out. We’re having Thanksgiving at my mother’s-in-law so I just have to bring a few things.

    Christmas is my deal. Since I have such a big family we are having in our church’s fellowship hall.

    Praying everything falls in place…



  9. If you read my blog this morning, you would know what I am having…just kidding, turkey, boxed mash potatoes, sweet potatoes if my husband makes them, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy, some sort of bread, huge garden salad, maybe grilled squash and oyster dressing (yuck) if I can find my aunt’s recipe. Mom is in charge of pies. After everyone leaves, I see myself w/ a glass of wine. Diane is bringing me a cheesecake…someone in the neighborhood bakes them.

    Love, Annette

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