a new monday

With the new year comes change to annie’s eyes. We are reading the Bible again chronologically at Karen’s and Bev’s. Both promise great joy as I feel like I’m visiting with dear friends this time around.  As Bev says, we are reading the Bible and let it read us. So, I won’t be posting Cover to Cover here on Mondays any longer, but will be reading all of your blogs where you’ve found meaning in the Word this past week. If you are interested in participating in this rewarding endeavor, please visit Karen and Bev’s sites. The truths and treasures you will discover are eternal. Karen will be writing heartfelt recaps on Sunday evenings at http://alifeworthy.blogspot.com and Bev will be responding on Mondays in prayer based on the weekly readings at http://covertocoverchronologically.blogspot.com. It’s a new year and time for a change of heart. His Word has that power over us. Anybody else? Will you consider joining us?


5 thoughts on “a new monday

  1. I’m reading the Bible again chronologically. Last year was the first time and it blessed me so much. I’m reading again and His word speaks to me each day. I enjoyed our journey together. Look forward to new ones! May the Lord bless you and your family this new year!
    Love & blessings-

  2. Annette–It’s been so long since I stopped by…too long!! I am reading the Bible chronologically this year, isn’t that the same as cover to cover?? I am posting on my blog, right now so much but I know as my semester gets underway with my kiddos I may more silent to speak with Him more.

    How’s the house coming? I’d still love to meet you sometime…I love Starbucks with a good friend!!

  3. My day felt so strange today knowing I wasn’t going to do a cover to cover post. I’m off to visit everyone else! Oh… what a perfect song! I am still hungry for Him. Guess what? When I was exchanging the Bible for the one I wanted Lincoln asked me to buy him a chronological Bible, too! I found him reading it last night and we prayed together before we fell asleep. Just wanted to tell you my Praise Report!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

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