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One of my New Year plans (note *no* sign of the failure word, “resolutions”) is to be more efficient. Part of that plan is to implement a system using a few new tech tools and a book I discovered that most of America already knows about, apparently, since it is all over the internet with marketing tools for the organizing system it describes. The biggest challenge has been to transfer my calendar to a Blackberry. I have a love-hate relationship with cell phones but have decided one good phone might be better than one that doesn’t work half the time. So, my calendar and my email, my task list and grocery lists are all in one place.

The other new toy I have loved is the Amazon Kindle. It is an electronic reader that also stores PDF files. With a SanDisk memory card, it holds countless Word docs and even music (though I am not surrendering my iPod.) The cool thing about this thing is it holds LOTS of books all in one place and has a downloading feature that works virtually anywhere. I have several  translations of the Bible, and my chronological reading calendar with me all the time now. I have books I am reading. And I have current newspapers downloaded at the push of a button. Unfortunately, there are still books that have not been electronically embedded, but the selection is still enough to keep me busy for a long time. I found a leather case for the Kindle that also has a notepad and pen. So, I have discovered serious convenience all in the size of one small book.

And finally, I am implementing the system found in the book, Getting Things Done, by David Allen which you can find in an Acrobat file for free HERE. It is a different approach to organizing thoughts and “to do” lists that take up creative energy and keep you from having a reminder system going on in your brain at 2 a.m. So, it’s only January 9, and I am not up to speed on any of the three tools, with lots to do to make this system work for me, but I will keep you posted on how it’s going. So far, I love having my calendar at my fingertips. I hate having email pop in all the time because I am distracted to no end. And I love having good reading material with me. So, another love hate relationship with technology has sparked, but it’s an honest attempt at improvement.  How do you keep your calendar and project lists organized? Or do you find like me that you have old projects that you never seem to get to?



10 thoughts on “new toys

  1. well you have heard the old adage that plans don’t work but the people who do the plans make them work or something like that…i like your ingenuity and passion…my kids have the blackberries so maybe i’ll get their trade-in’s…but i probably should order the book cause look what time it is and i am still up…oh no…i am way behind with being sick but that’s okay cause i am at a good place in my heart and that’s what counts anyway…goodnight!

  2. I’m like Karen… there is something about the smell of a book holding a book, turning the pages and closing the book after the last page is read. Will be interested in how you like it.

  3. I still use a daytimer which my son calls a dinosaur – I have been looking into Blackberry and think that’s the way to go. Sorry I have not checked in for a few days but I’ll catch up today. Love J

  4. PS – Just ordered the David Allen book…we got so far behind at the end of 2007 after dad’s 1st surgery and it went down hill in 2008 w/ the lengthy hospitalization. So many closets, draws and cabinets to organize and unfinished projects.

    Love once more from, Annette H

  5. too cool! You are so technologically advanced! I’d love to know what you think of the kindle in a couple of months. I don’t know if I could stand giving up the feel of a book in my hands. (I carry a really big purse so I can stick all kinds of books and things in it so I can have them at all times.) I’ll check out the david allen thing.

    love you,

  6. I have been thinking about buying a Kindle. It calls to me as I order books…I don’t have a PDA or Blackberry, though a Blackberry is looking more attractive. After spending so much time at hospitals last year with dad and keeping track of his schedule, my mother’s schedule and the schedule around my house, I decided to buy a weekly planner this year with a clolour block for 4 people’s schedule on each day and sticky notes attached to make notes. So far this week it has worked well. As I sat in the ER yesterday w/ dad, I knew I had a hair appt to cancel, dad had a dr’s appt for today to cancel, and my errands were listed. It takes up quite a bit of space on the wall, but it seems to work. I can also call home and ask my husband to look at it.

    See ya Tues…can’t wait.

    Love, Annette

  7. The Kindle sounds very interesting to me, too. I like to have a book along in case I have some unexpected downtime. This would be great!

    I also like the word “plan” much better than resolution. It gives one some freedom! 😉

  8. Hi there,

    Oh…look at you…great plan!

    Okay…I would love a Kindle…something that I need to set a plan and begin saving for…let me know how it is to read books on it…

    You know I have this book by David Allen my mom gave it to me a couple years ago and I have been searching everywhere for it and can’t find it…ugh! My fear is that I let someone borrow it and don’t remember who…

    Thanks for the downloads…at least that will help me until I locate the book.

    Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend,


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