8 thoughts on “sunday’s song – there is a fountain

  1. lose all their guilt and shame…
    maybe losing all of it but never done in this life…
    such beauty in the song…
    i would love to be there singing with them…
    today as we sang Come Thou Fount with a new twist, I wept because in a prayer meeting before church, I kept thinking as I was praying, Come Lord Jesus, Come. So when we sang that one, I lost it…
    singing in my heart with you this evening
    and one day we will sing forever

  2. One of my many, many favorites, Annette, and no one can do the old hymns like Bill Gaither’s people! I love watching their “redeemed” and heaven transported faces when they sing.

    Love, Jean

  3. That’s such a beautiful old song. I remember singing it many times in church. I love its message.

    Stop by my blog tomorrow. I have left an award for you there.

    Love ya,

  4. This is one of those songs that need to sung over and over in church and all the young people need to learn it. It is timeless. Please pray for the salvation of my sister. She will not bend the knee and she really needs to, her health is so poor, I won’t go on. Please pray for her. She needs to let the fountain wash over her. She’s heard the gospel but didn’t want to give up her friends. Don’t know why I’m writing this…just felt the need to ask you to pray after listening to this song. Thanksk Anniette, for pointing us to Him and His gift to us. Blessings.on your day and your week. Mary Lou

  5. I used to sing this when I went to church with my great-grandmother in Whitney, TX. I can see myself standing on the pew next to her belting it out. (I had no pitch, key, or tune.) The words to this hymn say it all, don’t they!

    Love, Annette H

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