fearlessly fear Him


Update: I ran across another verse that might explain fearless fear, again found in The Message: Micah 6:8 “…and don’t take yourself too seriously—  take God seriously.” The rest of this verse will be my next memory verse for Siesta Scripture Memory.

As I was reading this week in Genesis 22, a verse struck me. The whole story of Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac has always haunted me. I know Abraham was credited for righteousness the amount of faith he showed that day. . .that God would provide the lamb. Indeed, He did in such a magnificent way. Meanwhile, though we have Isaac strapped to the altar, with a knife over his head and his father raising his hand to be obedient to God. And just in the nick of time, we hear God say to Abraham, “Don’t lay a hand on that boy! Don’t touch him! Now I know how fearlessly you fear God; you didn’t hesitate to place your son, your dear son, on the altar for me.” And you can almost hear God say, “I know what that will feel like. I will do it for you some day.”But The Message uses some amazing words in this verse: “I know how fearlessly you fear God.” I fear a lot of things. I know there is a popular doctrine about God being your best Buddy, but I always have been more of the old school, and revered Him as higher. He calls us friend. That’s His perogative and gift to us. I choose to call Him Father or Lord. I do know fear, but rarely fearlessly fear. I fear men, and think too highly of myself sometimes. Most of my fear involves what people think about me. But if I could practice the concept of fearlessly fearing my Lord, that would be life transforming. What does fearlessly fearing Him look like to you? What does it mean to fearlessly fear? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. I want to get this one!


4 thoughts on “fearlessly fear Him

  1. Wow! Fearlessly fear God…uummm. I think of martyrs. Those who faithfully professed faith in spite of their lives. Those who daily face persecutions to share the gospel. I remember when we wrapped up the chronological reading in Revelation God rewards the martyrs. I dont know that I can say I’m there–fearless fearing God. I struggle in how to bring up the gospel when I’m in the “not so Christian” circles. I simply pray my life be an example. But is that enough? Will their blood be on my hands? I struggle in walking in obedience. I always seem to be in confession before Him. I’m thankful He is patient, longsuffering, and merciful. Or I think the ground would have already opened up and swallowed me.
    Love you,

  2. I keep saying this over and over again to get it to sink into my heart, mind and soul… fearlessly fearing Him. I am a lot like you in that I fear man (and woman) and want their approval. I remember when I first learned what it meant to fear God. I had believed it meant I was supposed to be afraid of Him. My natural tendency is to still be afraid of letting Him down and disappointing Him… again. Now I can say that instead of fearing Him, I am in AWE of Him in a way that I cannot fully comprehend. But to the point that I would sacrifice Meghan or John? Whew… I just don’t know! Abraham’s faith was amazing! Thanks for making me think today!
    Love you,

  3. I think fearlessly fearing God is to revere Him to the point He is truly 1st and you would be willing to sacrifice your dearest possession for Him. I think about Abraham and his obedience and faith frequently. If we get to have a question and answer session in heaven, I would love to ask the Lord a few questions pertaining to Abraham.

    Love, Annette

  4. I’m not sure. I have pondered and pondered this. I suspect that it is the way the word is translated. My Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible lists the word “fear” in this verse as meaning “worship, to revere, respect”. Put in that perspective to fearlessly revere God makes more sense. To revere and worship Him so much that you are willing to obey/sacrifice the thing dearest to your heart. I don’t know if I know anybody who could do that. I wonder if it was easier for Abraham because God appeared to him and spoke to him.

    I have so many questions. I think this time around I am not content to just read. I want more. I want the Word to permeate my soul. And I’ve rambled on enough.


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