finishing up and looking forward to the next

Last August, I went to Siesta Fiesta at the Alamodome (Sarah at Expresso His Love had a great recap) and got a taste of what our Bible study would be this spring. Last night we finished the ten week study, Our Inheritance, with Beth Moore as our teacher. It was a rich study that almost made me want a red convertible . I don’t want to walk away from this one and just think how poetic and miraculous God is. I want to claim His promise for me. I love that our Great Inheritance is Jesus Himself and not just for eternity, but for this day, this hour. Where do you find Jesus in today? Where do you see His love? His needs manifested in His children? Open our eyes, Lord to behold Your wondrous presence.

As we also conclude a study on End Times at our church, our inheritance seems so fitting to be intertwined with the quickly approaching Day. Pastor Gregg has done a great job of putting it all on a timeline for us in an understandable series, if you would like to check out the videos here.

And finally, Beth announced that next fall will probably be an eleven week study on Revelations. I’m so thankful for her dedication to bring a fresh Word to Houston, and to address the hard parts that we need to hear. His Word contains everything we need to enjoy life and be found ready upon His Return.

Praising Him this morning for such gifts,


The Inheritance Bible Study from Debra Parker on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “finishing up and looking forward to the next

  1. Oh how I wish I lived close enough to attend the Inheritance study. I’ve read about it on her blog and it sounds wonderful. I am praying that she puts it into book or study form for the rest of us. I’m curious about that red convertible!?

  2. I’m glad you want that red convertible. You’ll never forget this study! 🙂 I’m so happy for you to be able to be one of Beth’s home girls. You are so generous to offer to share her with the rest of us out here! Maybe next year I can crash your party and join you! I’m already looking forward to it!
    Much love,
    Angie xoxo

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