random thoughts and a question

Bleary eyed, dreary, gray day. Slow dripping rain, sipping tea. Is it naptime yet? The weather is cold and rainy, and here I sit in front of the blank computer screen, contemplating how I am going to start yet another project.

I have a theory that most jobs, particularly ones that involve household chores or acts of service come to me by default. I have the most desire to see it get done; so I often, and sometimes regrettably, tackle the job. For example, I am the computer guru at our house. Now, I know what you’re thinking already. So, stop laughing long enough to let me explain. I can’t stand something to remain unfixed for any length of time. A few years ago, Mike never seemed to have enough time to get to the computer problems. So I started going into the computer’s filey thingies (technical term–please don’t Google it) and occasionally I got lucky.  Meanwhile, I learned just enough to get myself into a ton of trouble. When I call our computer guy, he knows it will take him more than a couple of hours to fix what I’ve played with. I do have a point to all of this rambling about my understanding that mostly jobs come my way by default:

You now know a family reunion cookbook editor! Yes, I agreed to put together a cookbook for the family reunion we’re having next month. I told them I would do it if no one else volunteered, though I knew there were many in our clan far more talented than I that could do a much better job. . . blah, blah, blah. Kind of silly in hindsight, I know. 

Anyway, I was wondering if you have any scrapbook ideas, or template sites/guides that might be a good resource for me to assemble a cookbook/memory keeper book?  Thanks–any and all suggestions are most welcome.


9 thoughts on “random thoughts and a question

  1. Oh, so sorry I cannot help with the technical stuff, but I do think it’s a great project, and I think it’s wonderful that you’re doing it because you will manage to put heartfelt touches throughout, I’m sure.

  2. Hey, I know this great, really talented family reunion cookbook editor who could help you. Oh, wait, YOU are the really talented, great family reunion cookbook editor. 🙂 Well, once you conquer this dragon, you can let us know how it’s done so we too can make cookbooks. Hope your weekend is wonderful. Mine will be spent counting. and counting some more. Oh well, if we don’t get started then we can’t get finished.


  3. What a talented lady you are! I know for certain you have excellent editor skills so I know the cookbook will turn out lovely and be a great family treasure. I also was going to suggest Holly.
    Love & blessings in Christ-

  4. Sounds like some of your friends know a little less than you do when it comes to computer thingy’s. Ask me about what happened to me this week—been preoccupied with a heart rendering school story—remind me to tell you…meanwhile, my boy just arrived in Thailand a few minutes ago….ooohhhh!!!!! Can’t thank you enough for supporting him. You know how it feels when you see your children together enjoying each other and their LORD.

    I was just on Smitten Blog Designs or something like that—-Lindsee Lou has the link on her second-to-last blog post. Can you take a blog design and use it??? I don’t know why you couldn’t!!!! They are adorable FREE templates. I tried to upload one but it’s in cyberspace cause the directions got a little confusing for me and I wasn’t sure what I quite was doing. You could do it blindfolded.

    I’ll try to call tomorrow. Happy Spring Break!

  5. I e-mailed you pics (I hope they went through) and instructions for a cookbook one of my former ballet students did. It may be something you can use.

    xoxo AFH

  6. I sure wish I could help, but honestly I have no idea. There must be something out there. Did you consider asking Holly? Remember she put together the cookbook for the Siesta Fiesta. I’ll check around and let you know. Oh, and by the way… maybe you’ll sell one of them to your friend in the north!
    I was talking with one of my patients who is really into genealogy and he told me about a great website… Of course I can’t remember it right now, and you are the expert. It sounded like a lot of fun! I’m so impressed!
    Do you think you can help me get a new template for my blog? 🙂
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  7. I want it to be nice, so I will probably print about ten copies, then keep the disk to print more as ordered. As for the number of pages–recipes, and hopefully a few stories, and a little genealogy–I’m shooting for about 40 pages with 30 or so recipes.

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