go ahead and take a little break

Have fun making your own likeness of Wii mii HERE.

Or play my favorite online game HERE.

Or go exercise. That’s what I should be doing. . .

This was our spring break week–our last with an official college student. My youngest daughter, Lindsay, graduates in May! Hallelujah–We are going to Disney World. Not really. Just the kids get to go. We stay home and watch the pets that they’ve acquired. Now we’re grandparents of two dogs and a cat. The cat is rarely a problem except when she confronts my closet kitty. There’s a short war, then a long season of peace.  That’s just cats. The dogs, on the other hand, are a hand full! A five-month old border collie mix and a five-year old spoiled brat springer spaniel don’t mingle too well. Especially when it comes to sharing food. The younger has decided that she liked the elder’s adult slim & fit nibbles, and the elder has decided she’s scared of her bowl (which she has had for the last couple of years.) Evidently, it bopped her or something because now she barks at it like it’s going to eat her. Can anyone say “neurotic”? And we’re not talking about the dogs now. Think I’ll go play some PathWords. Wonder where the puppy is?


3 thoughts on “go ahead and take a little break

  1. I have a hankering to play hookie from work today…maybe I can take a 90 min lunch and sit outside for a while.

    Have a great weekend.

    Love, Annette H

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