Presidents on Leno?


This week, the President appeared on The Jay Leno Show, and is scheduled to do an interview on 60 Minutes then a prime-time press conference on Tuesday. Do difficult times call for a President to take desperate measures in reassuring people that we’re going to be okay? And is he reassuring or sounding an alarm asking for more regulation because these are such difficult times? It’s so easy to blame the big, bad AIG. Who doesn’t agree that they were completely out of control and out of line, but within their legal rights? It certainly makes a convincing argument to have more regulation. However, many years ago, we had a confidence that people were generally good in character and acted morally when given the freedom to do so.  America took pride in letting the people take care of themselves and the economy run itself, with free competition and laissez faire government. Obviously, those character traits of government are so yesterday. And what a great argument, We let them do it their way, and see where it got us? Adam Smith must be rolling over in his grave today.

We are all trying to figure out what Presidents do and what their role is, exactly, in a democratic society where the the leader is a servant to the people. It is usually better to have the role less defined  for a position such as this, to give that person more leeway to do his job well without too many hand-tying constraints. So today, well within his own right, we have a President who has decided to take his show on the road, almost as if he’s still in campaign mode. 

If the President wants to appear on a late night show, what does it really matter? Where does freedom of speech and allowing a man to just be himself come into play? Bottom line is that he is The President.  No doubt that Special Olympics comment will haunt him for a long time. And for that reason, sitting Presidents should not be too comfortable, too casual, in their communication with America and the world. So much depends on their dignity and respect. Lots of questions today…what do you think? What is the new New Deal? What is the President’s role? Is it a new day that calls for new protocol?


6 thoughts on “Presidents on Leno?

  1. Presidents come and go, they say one thing and do another, but thankfully our Savior never changes, He is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, His name is Faithful and True!

    Love, Annette H

  2. We are in such trouble as a country. I don’t really know if the President should have gone on TV and made jokes and make like everything is okay. Several weeks ago, he was saying that everything was doom and gloom IF the stimulus package wasn’t passed. I read where Pres. Clinton said he was talking too much doom and gloom and to lighten it up. So, he has. I believe our main problem is “us”, the church…we have been too silent too long and we don’t have enough men in the pulpit who preach The Word and tell The Truth, too many that just tickle our ears. We need to stand for The Truth and stand for what our country was built on and let our voices be heard. We also need to pray for our country and our government officials. We need to reach the lost. We need to wear our knees out. God is in control and His grace is sufficient…the govt is not sufficient to meet our needs. I will get off of my soapbox now. I just know that people have been blinded and have put someone into power who is not whom we should have. However, on the other side of the coin is that God puts men into power and takes them out. I will hush now for I am getting carried away.

    We do have hope…He is King Jesus..He holds the future and the keys….we know the end of The story. Blessings for making us think and look to Him. Thanks Annette, Love, Mary Lou

  3. More and more we see the Bible unfolding its truths. There was a time that the majority of Americans had integrity and were trustworthy. But as I see it, greed (sin) has corrupted the system.

    I do believe there is a little verse in the Bible that says ” . . . the love of money is the root of all evil”. (1 Timothy 6:10) Hmmm. . . could this be the root of our problem. Give me bigger, give me more.

    As for me . . . Give me God!


  4. I have been so frustrated with the whole mess. I think that they (whoever they might be) will not be happy until there’s a riot agains AIG employees and someone gets hurt. The whole mess sickens me and it’s difficult for me not to walk with a spirit of fear and depression. Sigh. I know that He holds the future in His hand and I don’t want to be a big whiny baby about not wanting to walk through difficult times (I keep telling myself it builds character) but doggone it, I just plain don’t like it! and now I’m stepping down from my soap box. 🙂


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