oh, the rain!

It’s not news that it rains in Houston, but we’ve been pelted in the last few hours and more rain is expected. The freeway underpasses flood sometimes six or more feet (still not big news) but the rain usually lets up after a few days. I looked back on other rain posts, including Hurricane Ike, and I found a post two years ago  talking about the more than 40 days of rain we had one summer. It isn’t that bad this time,  but lots of people have water in their cars, in their homes. The problem is, it’s still raining, and the creeks usually don’t peak for a few days.

Please pray for the people stranded, flooded in their cars and homes, and the drivers on the road trying to make it to work. I will have to go out later to the medical center, and I’ll be watching the news carefully before I head out. I learned a long time ago (the hard way, by experience) not to drive through any standing water. Especially keep our blogging friend, Abba’s Girl Annette in your prayers. Her sunroom was flooded, and she was up at 4 a.m. dealing with the water.

So, y’all be careful out there, and try to stay dry.


5 thoughts on “oh, the rain!

  1. It’s crazy how the weather spazzes out sometimes. Although it’s still spring, we are missing some rain (could you send it over this way please?) and ya’ll are getting flooded. Of course, next year we’ll be the ones with too much rain (or too much heat or humidity or snow or blueberries…it’s always something!) Anyway, I hope you stay snug and dry!


  2. When I saw on the news that parts of Houston were flooded….I had no idea where and I don’t know what part you live in. I prayed for those affected. Stay safe and dry. We’ve been “promised” rain all day and it has gone to the north of where we live…the bluffs on the river seem to deflect alot of bad weather from us… Stay safe…Love, Mary Lou

  3. Was it the spring/summer 2007 we received so much rain? Never had to water the yard. My friend had 10 inches at their house, the water did not get in, stopped at their front porch. What a mess!

    Here’s to the Son – may He send us sunshine….

    Love, Annette H

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