soaking up every minute

What is there about having your kids close to home that makes a mom of grown kids so happy? Within this week, I’ll get to see all three of them and celebrate my youngest’s birthday, have a few meals together, and know we are on the last leg of my middle daughter’s oversees education. This morning at 4:30, my son arrived home from living two years in Florida. He finished his school in December and still has many hours to fly before he will have a commercial job. He decided he could get that done here just as easily, so he has rented a house outside of Austin, which is just a few hours from home. By the end of summer, they’ll all be back in Texas and that makes me smile.  I guess you never quit being mom. I’m even glad the granddog is home.
Greg, Lauren, and Lindsay Dec. 2008

Greg, Lauren, and Lindsay at Greg's apartment, Dec. 2008

our first granddog - Rebel, the black lab

Rebel, our first granddog



6 thoughts on “soaking up every minute

  1. I have loved and been super thankful that my two have stayed in town and live rather close but are not in my face all the time. Great to have them and thier families and be thier friend now and not have the responsilbity anymore. Enjoy…it is precious….I feel blessed and when the grandchildren come running and give hugs and kisses..that is the icing on the cake…You have lots to look forward to.

  2. It’s a wonderful thing to have family together. (makes you long for the days when they were constantly underfoot, asking why or saying, “I’m bored.”) Enjoy!


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