the graduate

Lauren and Lindsay

Lauren and Lindsay

When she was three years old, she’d belt out Andrew Lloyd Webber’s songs like a Broadway star. One of her favorites was “Take That Look Off Your Face.” Now, don’t judge me–I know it’s an inappropriate song for a young, innocent girl. Lindsay would listen to “The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber” in my car, and then take it into my room and practice over and over. She served it up with such attitude that I had to restrain myself not to pack her up and move to Nashville and become one of those irritating stage moms. She was always a joy with that big smile and the voice that swept music into our hearts.

This morning, my youngest daughter will officially graduate from The University of Texas. We are on the road as you read this, headed to Austin to see Lindsay receive her Bachelor of Science degree in diagnostic kinesiology with a minor in mathematics. She will complete an internship this summer in Houston and plan her wedding with her mama, so the coming months hold much excitement as well. I am so proud of her for how hard she works at being all she can be. She loves the details of life and is a planner from the word “go.” It is so exciting to watch her map out and dream of her bright future. Certainly, today one of those dreams has come to pass as she completes her education and moves to the next stage of life.
We love you, Sweetie, and are beyond proud of the beautiful young lady you have become. You have a destiny and purpose that God has designed just for you. Now, it is your turn to step out into that place He has prepared for you. Keep singing! You bring me such joy. And He smiles on you so sweetly.
Love you forever,


8 thoughts on “the graduate

  1. I know how proud you are of LIndsay! I hope your day was amazing! Now it’s time for some fun times making those wedding plans! I hope she’s planning on singing to Andrew at the wedding!
    Love you guys!
    Angie xoxo

  2. Congratulations Lindsay ! I agree with what all your mom has said and she is not just being a biased mom — just truthful !!! You are such a “lover of life” and your exuberance makes me smile when you walk into a room. This morning I will be envisioning a beautiful young lady walking across that stage and I know I will be able to feel your parents’ proudful moment all the way here in Houston !

    Lv Cathy

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