in need of rescue

Some days seem to contain more pain. The sun is still shining and God is still on His Throne, but there is sickness. There are marriages which are in trouble. We have loved ones struggling to go Home. Many are afraid. Lord, help us walk through these days with Your Grace, Your Hope, and Your Peace. I don’t have the words to comfort those I love who are hurting right now. You are all over these situations, but there’s a silence in the moment that is deafening. We rest in knowing it will be okay, no matter what. All we really need is You. We thank you for loving us through every detail of our lives. We love you so. In the healing Name of Christ, Amen.

Luke 10:40-41 “Martha, Martha,” Jesus answered her, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen the better and it will not be taken away from her.”

Please pray today for Bev as she finds out what her next step will be. She will have to have more surgery. Today she has several appointments to find out what is next for her.

Pray for my friend, Cathy, who had her first chemo treatment yesterday.

Pray for my daughter, as she takes her finals today and has doubts about what God wants for her future.

What do you need prayer about? I will pray for you, too. Let’s set aside a few minutes to lift up each other’s hearts. And let us praise Him for His abiding presence in this hour of need.


6 thoughts on “in need of rescue

  1. I’ll pray for ALL of these needs. It’s time I get down on my knees to pray for my marriage! It wouldn’t be right to ask you to pray when I haven’t done it myself. I need to die to myself. Satan would love for me to give up! Also, on my blog I asked for prayers for my sister’s family. My prayer for them is that they look to Jesus and trust Him with their lives. You are so compassionate, dear friend!
    Love you,
    Angie xox

  2. Yes, I see all the hurt around me in people I love. I dont have words either and say “Amen” to the prayer you lifted up. I am praying for these precious dear ones.

    Please pray for my cousin, Julia, in Fredricksberg, TX who has gone thru all she can go through for the cancer in her body. They told her there is nothing else to do. My cousin, Buddy, in Andrews, TX, received a blood transfusion last week and now has a blood clot. One of my writer friends in Florida, Meredith–her father passed away the other day and the funeral is tomorrow.

    So much pain and sorrow and I’m praying for all the needs around me. HE is MIGHTY to SAVE. JESUS-MIGHTY TO SAVE. JESUS the name above all names.

    Lord, we call out to You and petition You on behalf of all these needs. Lord, there is so much pain. Lord, only You can intervene. Lord, I pray for Your healing power to touch the lives of the sick for it is by the stripes of Jesus we are healed. Lord, it is Christ we have hope. Our hope is to be in You alone. Lord, i pray that You lead and guide all the doctors. Lord, i pray for Your hand of protection over all those who are seeking medical advice. Lord, i pray that You work thru those hands. Lord, i pray You comfort those who need comfort. I pray You give assurance to those who need hope. Lord, i pray that You won’t allow anyone’s faith to fail them. i pray You hold them up in Your hand. Lord, I thank You for Your grace to face what seems impossible, but You are faithful to come through in what seems impossible. Lord, You reign over the heavens and the earth and nothing is impossible for You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  3. In prayer now…Please lift my brother in law up, he was rushed to E R Monday afternoon w/ multiple bloodclots in his lungs and a saddle clot in the bronchial (sp?) tubes…this is a result of surgery he had to remove a scarcoma.

    Thank you!

    Love, Annette H

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