siesta scripture memory verse 11

Right now, I am doing the Bible study, Experiencing God. The first verse Blackaby asks us to memorize is John 15:5. This verse really speaks to me right now as I learn how to remain in Him. I want to live abiding in Him and He in me. He is our Source for living out life. I love the counterpart of this verse, “With God, all things are possible.” But somehow this verse tells me where the pavement hits the road when it states it so simply: “Without me, you can do nothing.”

How are you all doing with your verses? I am s-l-o-w! I struggle with memorizing. I hope to do a post later this week on what I learned from Henry Blackaby (Experiencing God) on how to memorize and plant the Word in your heart.  I think my main factor is I’m not putting the daily time into it. This one, I have to admit, I have memorized parts of before, but wanted to get down all of the three parts together.  I do love knowing I have a team doing this with me. We are strong in HIM. And without Him, we can do nothing. Blessings to each of you. If you are struggling with memorizing, we can pray for each other to see this through. It will be so worth it!


John 15 5



9 thoughts on “siesta scripture memory verse 11

  1. Hi Annette,
    Thank you for your kind prayers to me and my hubby. I am Wendy, who Annette (Abba’s Girl) posted about in her blog. My hubby is feeling better today and now I know why! The blogging community is wonderful and prayers strong.
    Thanks again.

  2. I have struggled lately..did really well at first…I do go over them every day and really concentrate on the current one and then I find when I review that I know some far better than I know others. The enemy tries to get me down, but I as striving to not let him win and realize that whatever I learn is far more than before I committed to doing this on line with all of you. I am going to perserve. I am older than most of you and I can remember alot of things, but struggle with this. I can always pararphrase a verse or say it when someone else starts to say it, but don’t always have total recall. The Lord knows your heart sweet Annette and I think everyone that is trying to do it has the right heart, even when our brains won’t cooperate. Thanks for this timely post. Blessings on your day and your busy summer…Love, mary lou

  3. Annette, I have found that if I spend just a few minutes a day on the verse, I get it quicker than if I don’t! My older brain needs it daily!

    Praising Him that I don’t have to do anything without Him!

  4. I am just thrilled that we are doing this together! I am doing pretty good. I haven’t taken as much time on the last three that I need, so, I’m not as smooth on them as the first seven or eight. I carry them with me everywhere, but I must get with it and get these last ones nailed down!

    My friend Valerie and I are coming to Houston for the LPM Scripture Memorization Event. Are you planning to be there? It would be so exciting to get to meet you in person!


  5. I look forward to what God gives you to write in helping me experience HIM in a fresh way with His Word. You are amazing and bless me richly.

  6. I have my verses down from 01/01 thru 04/01…I am struggling with the newer ones…I am weary…I think everything w/ dad caught up to me…I need to abide and rest in Him…make sure I am living in the power of the Holy Spirit and not Annette H power…

    Love you!!!

    Annette H

  7. I am surprised at how well it’s going. mostly. I’ve spent so many years saying “I can’t” that I’m almost embarrassed that I can. And I love the benefits from it. Hope your day is wonderful!

  8. We can quiz each other on this one for sure! Be ready, girlfriend because you know I’ll ask you to recite it for me! I’ll give you a couple days, but we need to get this one down pat! We can do it! I’ll pray for all of us who are struggling! It’s life-changing!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

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