sunday’s song – mercy seat

What are your prayer requests today? It is my privilege to pray for you. What is heavy on your heart? Would you join me in prayer for all those with cancer undergoing treatment for their peace amid the storm, for their faith to be strengthened, for God’s healing Hand to be upon them, and for them to see God? I have several friends in the middle of this battle and I’m praying healing over them this morning. If you have a need please feel free to leave an anonymous comment or email me at I would be privileged to pray with you. This day, let us sing our praise and take all of ourselves to the feet of His Throne, the great Mercy Seat, at which Christ Jesus intercedes on our behalf. Bless you and may His angels take charge lest you cast your foot against a stone. Praise Him this day.


5 thoughts on “sunday’s song – mercy seat

  1. I join you in prayer for your friends that they will recognize God’s Grace and Mercy through each experience as they travel this very difficult journey of cancer.

    thank you for Sunday Song and the Mercy that God promises His children.
    Blessings to you sweet Angel Annette.
    Your Siesta,
    Sylvia V.

  2. Annette, I am joining in with you in prayer for our friend Bev and I will agree in prayer with you for all of the others that you are praying for today. Thank you for this post and for your heart of compassion. Praying for your day of worship. May your day be filled with the Sonshine of His love…Love, Mary Lou

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