siesta memory verse 16

Lauren in Big Bend National Park 2007

Lauren in Big Bend National Park 2007

After an unbelievably hard week with Lauren being very ill, I am most relieved this evening to post my Scripture verse. It is a repeat, but worth reloading in my memory with much gratitude for her healing and His amazing faithfulness!

We also had two birthdays since my last real post: Lauren turned 25 just days before she had this problem, (and  thankfully, had health insurance due to my husband knowing her policy expired at age 25 and his diligence) and today, Greg is 27 and living back in Austin. I couldn’t be more grateful to have my grown up children all living nearby for this season. And I love them more than words can convey. Happy Birthday, Buddy! I can’t wait to celebrate. 

And to my wondrous God, I have fallen on my face with tears rolling up my forehead–bowed so low before You in desperate petition and highest praise. I will exalt You forever.

psalm 107 20-21



4 thoughts on “siesta memory verse 16

  1. I “popped in” to visit you on your blog today. I love your beautiful heart, Annette. Reading your words is like sitting down and having the most wonderful, “real” and intense chat with my longtime girlfriend… I too am so grateful for Lauren’s recovery and also Mike’s foresight to take care of the insurance!! I know well the gut wrenching petition when we are gripped with fear in matters concerning our children. And thankfully I have experienced well my heart nearly combustible with gratitude…for He IS good. Thank you, Jesus!

  2. I pray that Lauren is on the way to recovery and praise Him for her insurance coverage. Happy Birthday to your son.

    I thank Him for His unfailing Love.

  3. Beautiful verses and testimony to the all sufficient grace of our Lord and His never ending love and mercy.

    Love, Annette H

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