sunday’s song – bound for the promised land

(Sunday song is “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks” by Kate Campbell,  and this post is a repeat from March 2008)

…In a land flowing with milk and honey (Deut. 6:3) On the way to our farm, there is a sign that says, “Welcome to Grimes County-land of milk and honey.” Our farm is in the heart of a land of abundance. Recently, we added bees to the mix of our little farm. We have cattle, but no milk, but that is our fault for not milking the mamas. Just about a month ago, we enjoyed our first few jars of honey that we harvested. The land is rich and the livestock is plentiful, but weeds grow like crazy and water is scarce. However, every year we try to have a garden, and let me tell you, it is hard work. We have had failure after failure. But this past year, we had potatoes, basil, tomatoes, squash and the fresh honey from bees that aren’t that friendly to give up a comb or two. The bounty is there for those who choose to take it.

God is all over the land there, just as He is in my life. I see Him in the abundance of wildlife, in the song of the birds, in the rush of the water breaking over stones that runs through the middle of the land. I see Him in the order of life and how He knows even when a sparrow falls. Just as He is Lord of the Land, He is Lord of my Life. He is ever before me, in the beauty and in the obstacles. He is my Protector and fights my battles for me. But my perspective matters to Him.

Do I believe Him for a Promised Land of victory in my life? Do I see the abundance or the obstacles? Do I see a land flowing with milk and honey or am I a stubborn land where giant weeds and obstacles blind me to the fruits of His bounty? Lord, let me be a Joshua and Caleb and believe God-ordained promises and not give any credence to the giants. With You, all things are possible. And without faith, it is impossible to please You. Grant me that belief, that faith, that wisdom. It is no coincidence that this week we commemorate leaving our desert in faith to see the Promised Land before us through a Cross and a Crown. Bless Your Holy Name. Amen.


2 thoughts on “sunday’s song – bound for the promised land

  1. I’m with Angie…I miss you writing on the blog and yet I understand the seasons of life and following God’s Holy Presence.

    Thank you for the music( I am bound for the Promise Land) that reminds me so much of my roots growing up in a very simple world which is currently is so complex.

    I praise God for the heritage in my life to cause me to follow Christ and seek Him daily.

    Blessings to you and your precious family.

  2. Reading this post makes me miss you even more. I’ve missed you writing on this blog. I can feel your passion for Him and I know how genuine your words are following this week. You trusted Him and He came through for you. I went to my mother’s new church this morning with her. The pastor told us a story that I’m sure you’ve heard a hundred times. He said Jesus is there to be our lifeguard. When someone is struggling in the water, they need to just relax so He can take them to safety. If they freak out, they’ll both go down. It was such a simple message, but hit me like a ton of bricks. God is ALL over your life! Keep relaxing so He can do what He does best!
    Love you,

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