4 thoughts on “sunday’s song – the words I would say

  1. I wrote this comment without watching the video. I watched a different video of the song and just noticed this one was from the Fireproof movie. I’m going to believe you posted this one for me! Thanks for your loving support! Before I published this comment I just spent .99 on the Love Dare Application for my iPhone. God is SO good!

  2. Thank you for caring, Annette! The words to this song were exactly what I needed to hear. Sometimes it’s just obvious that God wants me to Himself and this was one of those times.
    So much love,
    Angie xoxo

  3. Thank you for this reminder…to always Be Strong in the LORD. I have learned and know it is ONLY Jesus that can help me make it through the hard times no matter what the situation. As I watched the video I thought about how many young marriages go through firey trials and also how many couples who have been married many years can still go through firey trials. YES, it is ONLY Jesus to carry us through. Thank you for the reminder to Be Strong in the LORD.

    I thank you for encouraging me into reading the scripture from “Cover to Cover” this year and discover more of the Depth of Love of Jehovah and we have only just begun.

    Blessings of Grace, Mercy and Peace be constant in your life. Love you dearly.


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