jubilee year

Well, blast the ram’s horn and announce the celebration. The year of joy begins. A few days into the New Year, my blogger and real time friend Annette H (Abba’s Girl) sent me an email. She said she believed she had a word for me for 2010 and that word was “Joy.” I received it with a little trepidation because honestly as has been my experience, when God has a plan for you to experience joy it might involve a way to know joy amid some strange circumstances that may or may not involve a little pain.

So, tomorrow I walk with great expectation into the celebration of my official jubilee year of life, the big 5-0! I can hardly believe the 40s passed so quickly. Much happened during the last decade, and I anticipate much of the next to be just as filled with the bumpy road of life. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! The great garden of joys wouldn’t be so complete had they not been watered by the tears of sorrow, fertilized by the proverbial dung of disappointment and failures, and encouraged by the sunshine of His Love. Just for fun, I’m doing a little spin off of Oprah’s column and sharing a little of “What I Know For Sure”, unapologetically in list form, for an easier read:
1. Life is a gift from God.

2. God is the Gift.

3. Jesus made it so.

4. Love and relationship are more about living life than any other thing.

5. Doing the hard thing is worth it.

6. Loving the unlovable is possible.

7. Smiles make everyone feel better.

8. Balance makes for a smoother ride.

9. Marriage is a school of learning for eternity.

10. The joy of being a mother still amazes me.

11. Life is hard.

12. Life is sweet.

13. This world is not my home.

14. God is a first thing.

15. Family is a close second.

16.  Hard work is satisfying.

17. Friends make great life traveling companions.

18. Good health is not to be taken for granted.

19. Learning is transformational.

20. Each day is what you make of it.

If you have any one thing you know for sure to add to my list, what would that be? I re-iterate #17 and thank my blogging friends that share life with me. You all do make life more joyful along the way. Receive joy and celebrate! Give Him glory today for TODAY!


12 thoughts on “jubilee year

  1. Dearest Annette – so sad I missed that VERY important birthday of yours. On a strictly secular note: nobody does 50…better than YOU! I mean, really! Love your list, and your words – such a gift! (P.S. thank you for visiting me.) Loads of love, Virginia

  2. Annette:

    Happy 50th Birthday yesterday. Mom shared your post with me, as encouragement as I am less than thrilled to be also turning 50 on the 21st of this month. You look much younger than me for sure! I had many years of anguish, and they have taken a toll, but that said, I am in the best place I have EVER been in, and the happiest I have ever been, so God has blessed me. Thank you for your list, I think I will make one of my own, there is much to be JOYFUL and thankful for. God bless you and your family in the upcoming year. hugs, pam

  3. I love your list, I think I may borrow it…I am so thankful the Lord’s plans put us in one another’s lives. I’ll come worship at FBC soon. It is the year of Jubilee and there is no God like Jehovah!

  4. I have goosebumps over here…when I saw you walk down the hall at FBC a couple of weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with the thought that these are the days of Elijah for you—dry places becoming alive, the Word in you and overflowing from you. Smile. There is no God like Jehovah Who so lives in you! It is the year of Jubilee knowing Him! Happy Birthday Annette!!! Your tongue is the pen of a ready writer – Psalm 45:1. HE is enthralled with your inward beauty – Psalm 45:11. Your life is a living letter written on our hearts not with human hands but by the Spirit of our Strong and Mighty God – 2 Cor 3:1-5. How God could bring you into my life through blogging is amazing to me. I remember the moment I met you for the first time at a random Starbucks in Houston and I was so touched by your presence, the Presence of a Beautiful God that pours out of you – Psalm 50:2. So grateful to God for your life for you have found a Narrow Road that only few find and you are helping all of us find Him there. There is no God like Jehovah in you!

  5. God can do amazing things through a computer. To think I never would have met you if it weren’t for this computer and an obedient woman who made this all happen. I’m thanking God for her life today as well as yours.

    If I could add one thing to your list I would have to say…

    One thing I know for sure… Counting your blessings is life-changing. Today as I’ll have a candle burning continually to help you celebrate your Jubilee, I’m also going to listen to our favorite music! Enjoy your celebration with Greg and your family! Eat what you want because it’s Biblical for this kind of a celebration! Yes, I just read it!

    Your life brings me so much “Joy”!
    I am SO blessed!
    I love you,
    Angie xoxo

  6. I pray you have a joyful day and a joyful year overwhelmed with love from our Lord! You are such a beautiful woman of God and I thank you for sharing that list with us. I’ll add my “be sweet and do the right thing” to your list….its what I always tell my boys before school. 🙂

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Annette!

    Today’s reading was about the year of Jubliee and it got me to thinking about being more celebratory about my “jubliee” year instead of dreading it.

    May yours be filled with joyful blessings upon blessings!

  8. Annette, I am so blessed to have met you that Sunday morning in Water’s Edge probably 10 years ago or close to it. You continue to make such a difference in my life. Thank you for giving me a Song to Sing of the Days of Elijah. You have opened up my world in so many wonderful ways I don’t know where to begin.

    Your list of “What I Know for Sure” brings this thought to me.
    I could physically do things in my fifties I am unable to do now in my mid sixties.
    At the same time there are other things I can do in my sixties that I was never able to do in my fifties.

    I am so thankful for the uniqueness God created in each one of us that blends us together to love each other and know God provided each friend to complete me in unique ways. Thank you for opening me up to this blogging world and the amazing and wonderful Christian Siesta’s I have come to know through you.

    I pray you enjoy a REST and take SABBATH that will bring a FRESH Joy that only God can create for Annette to experience.

    My precious Angel Annie Annette, You are loved by friends and family but most of all You are loved by The HOLY God, The Maker of Heaven and Earth, Elohim who created you for Sweet Fellowship with The FATHER.

    Grace and Peace a Song I must Sing

  9. I love that song….love your post. My fifties were rough in alot of places, but God was so much sweeter than the rough places were rough. I know Him far better now than I ever have and it’s been because of the rough, hard places. Your words touched me and I read such depth and love of God there. May your day tomorrow be the best birthday that you have ever had. I loved my fiftieth. Still not sure about my sixties.the jury is still out, ha,ha. Connecting with you, just over the internet has been icing on my cake of life. God has certainly blessed me with you and Bev…having connected over the blogs…God unites us inspite of the distance and not seeing face to face. Like I wrote Bev…we have seen heart to heart and that is important too. Blessings always…Love, Mary Lou

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