sunday’s song – healing hand of God

We all know those in need of our prayers for healing. Would you share your prayer request today and let us pray together for God’s healing hand on their lives. Sunday blessings to you!


13 thoughts on “sunday’s song – healing hand of God

  1. I am so humbled by your prayers for healing! I feel I have never been so broken, but seeing that others are praying for me gives me strength to look at Him instead of fixating on the brokeness and hurt. Thank you Cathy

  2. HE is listening to all these precious words going up like a sweet fragrance to HIM. HE is coming. HE will answer.

    And for precious Mateo’s (Matthew!!!) parents, two verses come to mind: Matthew 11:28 – would you please COME to them sweet Jesus and give those who are weary REST.
    May they be found faithful and press hard into YOU – Matthew 22:37 may they LOVE you with all their heart and soul and mind in midst of such suffering for them. Come LORD JESUS!

    I carried a baby that had died in my womb for another month, maybe two months. It’s a blur! But I shut down to not feel the pain rather than embraced what was happening as an opportunity to know God and depend on HIM. I said I was trusting Him but I killed desire. It’s so hard. May they not kill desire. God, please show up for them!

    Deborah, you’ve been on my heart. Your cry for holiness is heard by your Beautiful God. Father, would you fulfill every desire Deborah has for righteousness, to do right. And work a work of faith with power that you might be glorified in her and through her. 2 Thes 1:11, 12. It may not look like what we think but make it so obviously YOU. She is so faithful to YOU. You have to just love that so much! Thank you for her tenacity and help her “let go” what needs to go. Give her eyes to see from your perspective.

    And for sweet Annette, her words are so powerful to us all. Her love for her children is so real and she will love them to the end! Make her love even more real than ever! More true! She’s on a beautiful journey attaching to those things that are most important in life. Matthew 6:33. Help her to draw near to You for the nearness of God is her good and confident HOPE.

  3. I’m not very good with giving wonderful prayers, but if you could please pray for my cousin Denise and her husband. It would mean the world to me. She is 34 weeks pregnant and will deliver a child who will die. His name is Mateo, he has no kidneys, and she was told at 16 weeks he would pass within two. Mateo is a fighter and is fighting to live. He has no amniotic fluid and stopped growing a few months ago, and has now resumed growth. Because he has a will to live, his heart is enlarged and encompasas the thorax, due to the fact that his lungs are underdeveloped. He is breathing for his life. The cord is also tied around his neck. I could not even imagine carrying a baby, knowing he may live anywhere between an hour and a few days. She has a strong faith in God, and that this is His will. I know she still believes in miracles, and is hoping for one. Sometimes I don’t know what lesson God wants to teach us, but as I pour my eyes out now, I feel anger and a heavy saddness. I just pray that he passes quickly, if that is His will, so that she may begin healing.

    • Christine, I read something in a study I’m doing yesterday and it was talking about how we don’t feel we have eloquent words enough to pray. She said it’s so much simpler than everyone thinks to pray. Just lay out your heart to Jesus like his mom did at the Wedding at Caana. She simply told her son, “We are out of wine.” Then, it was in Jesus’s hands to do something about it.

      I am praying right now for your cousin and their precious child. Father God, Even before time began you knew this child and his needs and knew that his life would bring glory to you. He is significant to you and You love these parents so much. Help the through this struggle that Mateo’s life would be mightily used in transforming each of them for having known this brave little baby who fights hard for life. Bless them with your comfort, hold them in your arms, heal their pain. Minimize their suffering that they may know the joy that you have in store for them. Help Christine and the family not see anger but the beauty of this sacred life, totally belonging to God. Healing Savior, only You know these mysteries. Bless us and bring us to understanding in Your Love and tender mercies toward us. In the Comforting and Blessed Name above all Names, Amen.

  4. For Lauren and for Cathy…Father, just as Christ healed the leper, the blind, the woman with an issue of blood…heal Lauren and Cathy.

    For Ang – Father, give her a eyes in her heart…seeing what can only be felt. Show her things to give her a renewed sense of tender love and passion in her marriage. Make her whole, healing any wound to her heart, soul and spirit. I pray that the enemy would feel the final defeat of Your Son’s precious foot crushing his head in Ang’s needs.
    Pour out Your grace over her family, her work and her calling in life. May she receive a glimpse of the Glory of Your Son working in her life. Let freedom in Christ bring her a renewed walk of faith. Give her strength, courage and compassion.

    For Me. And the List of Longings in my life. The VERY LONG LIST. Lord, the mess I have in my life right now is here because of my following You. I cannot heal deep hurts in lives that will not open up for Your Touch of Healing. But I can ask You to come and heal. Take this mess and turn it into Your Glorious delight…to me, to them and to You. Heal my brother, restoring his health and his emotions. Charge his son with a call on his life…call his name, Lord. And give him power to overcome the temptations in his life right now. Be God in his life. For Bev, divinely orchestrate a New Song in her life. Let it flow from her lips with great faith, abiding love and steadfast hope. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  5. It seems it will never end. Don’t know whether that is good or bad. But pray for me and my husband. It appears hopeless. I’ll be okay whatever happens. But I love him and I know he loves me. We have drama to tame. He needs to open up. I need to trust. But only God can work this healing in our marriage. My husband needs prayer warriors for him to be found faithful in this battle over his integrity. I need to let go and let God.

    Pray for healing for our marriage.

    Pray for my brother, recovering from heart surgery. And remember his 14 year old son going through a time of testing. May his faith grow and turn him into the young man of God who changes his world for Christ.

    Pray for Bev. She is carrying a very heavy load. Financial peace and restoration, physical needs for healing, empty nest trauma, life-calling ministry open doors.

    Pray for my two daughters. Hillary and Michelle. My prodigals. They need changed hearts and courage to turn back to The One who loves them most. And to me who loves them more than I love myself.

    Can you see what a burden I am carrying right now? I’m letting go of being God in these needs and I’m putting on His Yoke. It is easy. Matthew 11:28-30.

    Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
    Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
    For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

    • Deborah, I love your heart for Him above every other thing in your life. You honor God with your continued (and long-suffering) trust through the trials in your marriage and family. He loves you so much. Even though…Especially though…!

      Father God, You have Deborah’s full attention as she walks through the fire. She is being attacked on every side, yet You alone are her trust and salvation-not just for eternity but for every moment. Bless her family with healing and wholeness–the kind of miracles You specialize in. We trust You to take care of her sweet daughters, Hillary and Michelle as they feel the struggle within the family and hurt because of their father. You be their loving and caring Father that guides their every step, Lord, right back to your loving arms. We ask that you continue healing and restoring her brother’s health and protect his son and grow his faith through this trial.
      We also lift up Bev as she goes through much trial and struggle. Fill her heart with You as she deals with her empty nest, and love through her as You so magnificently do. Heal the broken parts and tend her heart to restored joy. I especially ask that You lift the weight of the burden that Deborah carries. Give her a lightness and joy to walk through the fire and not get burned. Grow her through the trials. Love her through the storms. It’s in Your Mighty Healing Name I pray, Amen.

      • i appreciate this prayer so very much, my friend. may GOD protect us as we battle the spirit-world. He fights for us and He is mighty to save…

        Christine, praying for your request as my heart breaks for such a time of sorrow. Our Heavenly Father longs to comfort us. I’ve been listening to David Crowder Band “Church Music.” He’s an artist that some might find a little bit too much if you’re used to traditional church hymns. But if you will read the words to his songs and listen to them with genuine need for Christ to pour His Grace on you, He will minister through this artist. I love “In The End,” “How He Loves Us,” “Dance” and “Can I Lie Here.” I recommend David Crowder for drawing us into a secret place of worship, very intimate.
        Two great powers of Grace:
        Forgiving those who have hurt us even when they don’t acknowledge it.
        Rejoicing in times of great sorrow. I can’t explain this work of the Grace of Jesus Christ. I just know that when we can finally look up in our sorrow and praise God in spite of it, a miracle of healing takes place in our soul. I pray that for your cousin and her family.
        Lord, be near to Denise and her husband. Be merciful to Mateo. Let a miracle of Your Spirit of Joy overshadow Denise and her family. You, O Jesus, have defeated death. We rejoice that In The End, we will never shed one tear. In Jesus Name. Amen.

      • Thank you for the prayers. Things have heated up and now the divorce word has surfaced from him. Keep us in your prayers. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just need God. That’s all I know to do is to give this to Him and move on.

        • Deborah, I just wanted you to know I’ve been praying for you for your marriage. I believe God will show you the next steps, maybe just a day at a time, but I know He is pleased with your clinging to Him for your answers. It’s so hard in marriage sometimes, and I just wished everyone knew that if you hang on, it does get better. Statistically speaking, even–for those questioned five years after they rated their marriage as unsatisfying or poor, the majority tended to rate their marriage as satisfactory two years later. In my own life, we’ve had some tumultuous times, and yet now we’re in a season of calm. I wished it were easier for you. It is a hard thing to do what you have chosen, and God honoring. I will continue to pray for you for strength and direction, for peace, for provision, for your every need to be met by Him. He loves you so, Deborah. It’s very apparent to me in what you write…Joy cometh.

          Love you, Annette

  6. I pray for wisdom and for God to make His will perfectly clear to me regarding some important decisions and for me to be a better wife.

    I join you in prayer for Lauren and Cathy. I also pray for your continued healing.

    Please forgive me for my negativity today on the phone. My mouth continues to get me in trouble. I’m SO sorry!

    Thank you for encouraging me to be specific in these prayer requests! I would rather have God read my mind, but know He wants to hear them.
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

    • Sweet Angie. God knows your heart to grow more like Christ.
      Father, I ask your Hand of blessing on Angie for wisdom and courage to walk ahead through the tough times, though she may get discouraged. Her hope and her wholeness is found solely in You. Bless L and Angie’s marriage to bring holiness and wholeness to that which You have joined together. Bless her in her job that her work’s satisfaction may be found in knowing it is creating her to be selfless and yielding to You. Help her to find restored hope and joy in that satisfaction. You alone are the miracle she needs. You alone are the most satisfying. Heal us and help us to walk the narrow road to Life and live in the secure and unthreatened love of Jesus Christ. In Your Uncompromising and Healing Name, Amen.

  7. I have two people heavy on my heart this morning.
    I ask you to join me in prayer for God’s continued healing for my daughter Lauren who has had several seizures in the past six months. No new news, but I pray she is made whole in Christ Jesus, and He continues to watch over her and keep her safe.

    I also ask for prayers for my sweet friend Cathy who continues to battle metastatic breast cancer. I ask that she finds that God alone can meet her in her suffering and calm the fear, and heal the brokenness. ]

    What can I pray for you today? Love, Annette

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