sunday’s song – in the garden

This is one of those songs that if you grew up in the South and went to church, you sang this one every Sunday night. And you still probably sing it at funerals. I’m feeling very nostalgic today as we prepare for the wedding. I pause this morning to take a little stroll with Him and listen to the sound of His Voice. As we have been doing on Sunday, I welcome your prayers here and will pray with you. What’s on your heart this morning?


4 thoughts on “sunday’s song – in the garden

  1. Dear Annette

    This song holds many memories for me as well…. and Alan Jackson sings it beatifully.

    Lauren will be such a beautiful bride, and my thoughts are with you at this special time.

    Sending prayers up for a father who has been in the hospital for three months…. away from his family, that God would restore his health again.

    Love you ♥

    • Barbara, so good to hear from you. Thank you for the well wishes for Lauren. Already so many prayers have been answered. I will share more when I return. I will be praying for the father you mentioned. Is it your own dad?

      Lord Jesus, I pray especially for this father who has had to be away for so long from his family for healing and for freedom from pain, for his restored health and that he can return home very soon. You know Barbara’s heart for him and I ask for you to bless her with comfort of knowing You are readily at work in this family, that You have not forgotten and that all is in Your timing, with Your love poured out over each of them.

      It’s in the healing name, Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.

  2. Annie…that song…it matches beautifully what I wrote yesterday for you!

    Could we pray for fathers this week? And for children, young and old, hurting about their fathers?

    My own father is 86 years old and a dream of a father. He has been having problems with his neck. Please pray for him.

    • Deborah, I was so touched by your picture of me in the garden–I had selected this song earlier in the week, so you can imagine the blessing as I read your words of confirmation. Yes, let’s pray for fathers and for children this week.
      Father, I lift up to you daddies and I thank you for them, for their leadership in families, for their role. I ask a special dispensation of grace for them as they have such a difficult job, and such big shoes to fill, if they are walking in Your image. I thank you that You are my Abba Father and that You see us through those places where our own fathers let us down. I pray for children who need daddies to step up, and I pray for that hole to be filled as only You can, Lord. I pray for Deborah’s dear father for healing and give thanks for his direction and love for Deborah through such a difficult year. Heal his neck, I ask in Jesus’ Name and bless Him richly in all Your ways. Thank you, Father, that You are fulfilling this petition even as I type these words. It is Your Will that I pray. Amen.

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