sunday’s song – this is our God

Good Sunday Morning to you! Once again, let’s open the comment section to share your prayer needs. I will pray with you and we have a promise from God to claim that where two or more are gathered in His Name, He is with us in that place. My prayer this morning is for families. No matter what shape you find yours, it’s still your family. I pray today with thanksgiving for mine, offer prayers for the broken, ask guidance for the wayward child, celebrating love in all its crazy forms, and rest in His peace, knowing nothing is too hard for the God who created all things. What would you like prayer for? He is more than able to accomplish it through you.


8 thoughts on “sunday’s song – this is our God

  1. I’m still prayer for my cousin Denisse, who will deliver her baby this Friday via c-section and whom will die shorty after. I’ll be with her during this painful experience, and pray that God give her the strength that she needs.

    • Oh Christine, what a horrific time Denise has had waiting on the eminent pain. Father, see Your hurting woman and bless her, bless her womb, bless her baby. We need a miracle here, and Lord, You’ve known since before the beginning of time this child of Yours. See her through. Heal and guide them in the days to come and draw them under Your sovereign Wing to shield them. Help them to love again with the Love only You can supply. In Jesus we pray confidently and in assurance. Amen.

    • Covering you with the cross and your precious friend, too. I’ve found that when I hurt the worst, it’s songs like “Jesus loves me, this I know” or “He’s got the whole world in His hands” comfort me. Words don’t.

      And the prayer that helps, God is good. God is great. Let us thank Him…
      Child-like faith is the kind that let’s the ground tremble and we never let go of His Hand.

      You are in my prayers.

  2. Amen & Amen! I also feel a bigger burden than usual for our govt to make righteous decisions in God’s eyes regarding Israel.

    Sabbath blessings!

    • Yes, Lord. I stand in agreement with Annette for Israel and for the United States to be her friend. We know any enemy of Israel is an enemy of Yours. Help our officials and leaders to grasp this huge alignment and its impact on each of us. Even if they don’t know Your Word, I pray that they act in obedience to It. Lord, bring the peace of Jerusalem. Come quickly. Spare lives. In Jesus’ Redeeming Name. Amen.

  3. Annie…beautiful prayer and I pray in agreement with you.
    Jesus, please Fireproof marriages, heal hurting hearts, open faith eyes, convict and love sinners to repentance, guard our children from evil, shepherd our teenagers, wisely guide our precious singles, grip our marriages tightly in Your Grip, shelter our seniors and a double portion of prayer over those who serve us as ministers in every area of calling. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    Annie…we have a crisis in the Gulf and I ask for prayer for this. Even greater is the crisis of faith in America. We need God’s intervention in both.

    Praying to Jesus…I pray that He would rain down His Spirit defeating the scorners, mockers and sinners…bringing them to their knees in repentance. I pray for Christians to come hungry and thirsty for Him in their lives. I pray for God’s quick, miraculous Hand to stop the oil polluting our Ocean. Protect the shores and the beautiful ocean creatures God has given us dominion over. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    We need to see God’s Hand like Moses did when God parted the Red Sea. And America needs Jesus. He’s our only hope.

    • Father, I echo Deborah’s prayer. We need a fresh falling of Your Spirit in our country, a revival for a wayward and rebellious land. Our land used to enjoy Your favor, and now we are experiencing the consequences of turning away. I pray with Deborah for hunger and thirst for You, for our lives to reflect You, for our country to be about Your mighty Hand on us. Take us through this crisis and miraculously heal the waters that fill with toxic oil and waste and kill our beautiful and expansive oceans. Bless us again, Father. In Your Name alone. Amen.

  4. Lord Jesus, I fall at Your Feet this morning to worship You. You still amaze me after all these years. Whatever I conceived you to be, I always find You are so much more. It’s Your day, Sunday, and I worship and rest, and give a heart full of gratitude for Your profound Hand on my life.

    I pray this morning for our families to know You, Lord; For You to bring healing and joy to broken families; For You to love on the hurting; to bring peace to the turbulence; For you to be center in our hearts and our lives to strengthen and protect our families.

    I especially pray for the wayward child this morning for You to woo him straight into Your saving arms. I pray for that child to be safe and know where his protection comes from. Draw them close to You. And I pray for their parents to find their peace and solace in You in their pain, in their anxiety for that child.

    I also pray this morning for fathers to be the men You call them to be, to be invested in their families, and to feel needed and loved by their families.

    I pray for the mothers who are both mom and dad to their children, that You will give them a huge dispensation of grace to deal with the burden of caring for their children alone.

    I pray for those who are single this morning who find themselves without their dream of a family of their own, and I ask that You give them a family in their friends, their church, their lives that shows them makes them feel needed and loved. You are our portion, Lord, and we celebrate this day You. Thank you for Sundays. Thank you for rest. Thank you for Your Son who makes this and all prayer possible, giving us full access to Your Throne of Grace. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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