sunday’s song – a marriage prayer

In three weeks, my darling second daughter, Lauren, will marry the love of her life on a beach in Costa Rica. Two girls in one year married, and a big brother that hardly knows what to do with himself, after taking so many years fighting off the bad guys to make sure his sisters found the very best. My three children, now grown and starting lives of their own, and in a few short months, my own 30th wedding anniversary–such huge passages that I hardly can process it all. Would you take a moment today and pray for all of our marriages, for your own marriage, for the state of marriage in the world, and for God’s ultimate marriage of His Bride, the Church to His Son. May our own unions reflect that type of selfless love.


11 thoughts on “sunday’s song – a marriage prayer

  1. Blessings to you and your precious family Annette. Marriage is so wonderful and yet so difficult upong occasion. Prayers for our marriages…

    Love ya!

    Annette H

  2. A BIG year for the G. family! First I want to mention your openness and heartfelt prayer for your own marriage. What a testimony…and I love you, friend. And those girls of yours! It’s no wonder they have discovered the loves of their lives….growing up with their Mom and Dad! xoxo

  3. Lord, as I type this comment I have to tell you that I’m scared to death of what is happening in so many marriages in my circle. Just 30 minutes ago I got a text from a dear friend who was asking for prayer for her difficult marriage and earlier today I heard some sad news about a another one in deep trouble. I know Satan wants to destroy marriage and he’s doing a good job these days. Lord, I beg you to please help me die to myself and do whatever it takes to ask my husband to get down on our knees together to pray for our marriage especially when I don’t feel like it. Help us to see our spouses like You see us. My kids haven’t seen a lot of healthy marriages and the strongest one they’ve experienced in our family is struggling big-time! Do what only You can do to step in and take over. And please hurry!

    Annette, I’m so grateful to have seen how you and Mike look at each other. Start celebrating your 30 years! It’s such a gift to have made it this far and it’s an even greater gift for your children. Keep loving each other! You know I’m praying for Lauren and Mike… and your soon-to-be grandson!

    Much love,
    Angie xoxo

  4. I totally reverence this powerful testimony, Annette. And Mary Lou. May God bless you both with love overflowing and strength for each day that brings it’s own new challenges. I’m standing for that in my own crisis and I know other couples fighting against divorce…and stagnation. The Rock I stand on is Firm and I won’t move an inch.

    Say a prayer for us and also for my family tomorrow. We are celebrating my parents 57th wedding anniversary. *Swoon!* Every year is a story of God’s Hand in their marriage and the devotion they both share for Him and each other. It truly is possible to love through the verb of that word. It takes action. It takes work. It takes sacrifice. It even takes blindness some days. They have been a witness to me of God’s plan and purpose in marriage.

    Much love to you all in Christ’s Name.

    • Sweet Deborah–I hesitated posting this with all that you are going through in your own marriage, your life. My heart breaks for you yet I have been so blessed by how you share your story, your faith, your strength, your Jesus! I continue to pray for you and for your dear parents 57th anniversary. Just awesome! Love to you, A

  5. Lord, Only You know all that the last thirty years have brought to Mike and me. It’s been the hardest and sweetest time of our lives–one that was the best investment of myself I’ve ever made, one that multiplied love in my heart to a level I never knew existed. I give thanks to You for every minute good and bad–I am fall-on-my-face grateful for it. Such awe fills me in Your perfect plan for us, for marriages to reflect the relationship You have with Your Church–Your selfless, worth-dying-for love. I’ll never understand the divine mystery here on earth, but the glimpses I have are filled with a wonder and a surpassing joy.
    Lord You know the attacks Satan has on marriage. Defend our cause. Bless our efforts. Grace our families. We need You more than ever. Bless Your Name forever. Glorify Yourself in our marriages, in our families, in our lives. In the Name of the Bridegroom Christ Jesus, Amen.

  6. Beautiful video….beautiful post. June is one of the most popular months to get married. Will be praying for Lauren’s wedding and travel mercies for all of you. Is she well, now?
    Those are sweet and good thoughts about marriage and marriage is in so much trouble as is the family and all of our marriages need to reflect Him, so that others are drawn to Him. Our 41st wedding anniversary is this tuesday. Doesn’t seem like it’s possible and seems like only yesterday…I graduated from college one Sunday and got married the next. Time goes by so swiftly at times…you turn over and you are not 21 anymore and your mind and heart are full of memories. Blessings on Lauren’s wedding and your family and your worship tomorrow…Love Mary Lou

    • Lauren is doing really well, Mary Lou. Thank you for asking. She’s had a tumultuous year but seems to have figured out what she needs to do.

      Congratulations on 41 years of marriage. You are so right in saying it seems like only yesterday. The years fly and they hold so many promises and heartaches alike.

      Father, I ask you to bless Mary Lou in her faithfulness. Her marriage, her life, her spirituality all demonstrate such a devoted heart to You. Thank you for bringing her into my life to be such a beacon of encouragement, hope and love! Bless David and her in their marriage and their family this day and in the coming years for every good thing. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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