a wedding, two macaws, & a three-legged dog – Lauren and Mike’s Costa Rica Wedding

All through the week, I sang “Baby Mine” (remember Disney’s Dumbo?) quietly to myself. We spend a lifetime pulling our children in, protecting, loving, and then, letting them go. It was a beautiful fantasy setting in Costa Rica on a black sand beach where she said her vows. She has spent the better part of her life showing me she how much she loves. Details count to Lauren. It’s the little things she does that make everything special. She doesn’t just sign a Mother’s Day card. She makes it from scratch. She doesn’t just love when it’s convenient. She pours herself out like a drink offering.

This past week, I watched her love her new stepson with a grace that made an indelible print on me. I watched as she became wife and mother in one clean sweep. She asked us both to “give her away.” It was a gift to me to stand beside her at such a moment. As the ceremony started, a three-legged dog hobbled through the gathering. I thought how poignant it was to have a reminder of our imperfections, our incompleteness as we joined two imperfect lives, but two people in love who seek that wholeness. I thought about my job as a mother and prayed I could let go. I thought about the ups and downs that marriage inevitably brings. I thought about their joy this day, and I prayed it would be doubled with each year that passes. As the ceremony ended, two macaws flew over and landed in a nearby tree, as if on cue. The same thing happened at Lindsay’s wedding. At the end of the ceremony, two egrets flew over. Both times the witnesses gasped. Surely God is in this place. And this mom watched and knew God was helping me release them into His more than capable Hands. Blessed life together, Lauren, Mike and Liam. I love you more than words can convey.


14 thoughts on “a wedding, two macaws, & a three-legged dog – Lauren and Mike’s Costa Rica Wedding

  1. Thanks for posting the news and photos on the picasa web album.Having over 1200 photos to browse over, made us feel a part of the ceremony.wish we could have made it.Look forward to meeting you folk on our next trip to the states.
    Regards and xx Kev and Zhan in Port Elizabeth RSA

  2. Beautiful pictures, Annette! I can’t believe both of your daughters are married!! I love the song you chose for your slideshow! Perfect!
    Love you all,
    Angie xoxo

  3. What a beautiful wedding, so enjoyed seeing this. You looked just as beautiful as the bride! Thank you for letting us have a glimpse.

  4. Aw Annette,

    That is so beautiful! I am so happy for you and Mike to know that you raised them well and set them off is this world. God bless you all!

  5. I am teary-eyed from reading your post and watching the video. So many details move me…thanks so much for letting all of us share in the joy. May God’s blessings be on Lauren’s new family, always.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful pictures….. beautiful bride, stunning mother of the bride…. loved your dress Annette… the color was gorgeous and suited you so. God bless them as they start out together on this new adventure as a family.

  7. Beautiful! Praying for many wonderful years of love and joy for them. Thinking about the challenged puppy. Imagining his missing leg is actually the picture of God’s Spirit, unseen, completing this family.

    (Annie, you looked stunning.)

  8. Oh, so beautiful…thank you for sharing the experience. Each daughter so special and unique. Again this was a wedding to behold…such love is exhibited throughout the video.

    Annette, I loved your mother of the bride dress and the fact that Lauren asked the you along with Mike to give her away. She indeed knows her family well and will be a blessing and challenge in this new life adventure.

    Thanks for the photos and the beautiful desciption. You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself.

    A Song I must Sing.

  9. So lovely….what a beautiful ceremony!!!! And, Annette: may I say????????????? YOU looked mahvelous! What a gorgeous dress—stunning you were. And the entire G. family was shining. Thank you for sharing!

  10. You have always had a way with words and this is evidence of that. Blessings for you all! I am so grateful that you are seeing things through His eyes and bestowing your blessings on your kids! Wow.

  11. Oh my!!!! What a beautiful woman she has grown up to be!!! I wish them all of God’s blessings as they embark on their new life together. You and Mike have done an amazing job raising 3 beautiful children!

  12. No words……but beautiful. Almost felt like being there. You looked as lovely as the bride. Love and pride shown on all of your faces. So thankful all went well and that you were blessed….blessings on your week…Mary Lou

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