sunday’s song – our God

Worship our God today wherever you are. Tell of His amazing works. There is none like Him.

What is on your heart today? As is our Sunday tradition here at annie’s eyes, let’s pray together. If you’d like to leave a prayer request, I will pray with you. Blessed Sunday. Rest in Him.


3 thoughts on “sunday’s song – our God

  1. Annette,
    I have posted occasionally on String of Pearls. I’m from Alabama…30 miles East of Birmingham. I wanted to tell you how God used your blog to minister to me. I had been miraculously “invited” by one of Beth’s staff to go on The Holy Land trip. I was praying for an answer. I clicked on your blog one Sunday morning after praying “show me LORD your will re:this trip.” It was the Sunday you posted a song by Paul Wilbur. “Israel” was written in the sand on the video. I knew then that THIS was my word from the Father. I did go and of course was blessed beyond words. Just felt I needed to share with you how God spoke to me. He used you many miles away to minister to this girl in Alabama. No distance or time with God for sure. He isnt limited by anything.
    Donna Hazelwood

  2. Hey girl! I’m still struggling with some health issues but hoping that some of that is coming to an end. I have a doctors appointment Wednesday and am having my gallbladder removed next Friday. (I keep telling Josh if we hit our total out of pocket for this year, I’ve got some things to be lifted, sucked and tucked. ) Anyway, I appreciate your prayers!

    love you,


  3. Annie,

    I know the Gulf Oil Crisis is in a very critical stage of capping the oil gusher. Let’s pray for God to work a miracle of His divine intervention with the success of this mission.

    Let’s also pray that the church would begin preparing for hearts that are turning back to Jesus. I sense a need for our churches to be open and prepared for hurting people returning to the Father.

    And could we add a blessing prayer for Jerusalem. Her enemies are many. Her God is Greater.

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