2 thoughts on “sunday’s song – all of creation

  1. Thank you for doing this Annette. I am still burdened for my son and his wife.
    Father, you know my heart and I know that I can not presume on You and tell You how to “fix” the problems in my son’s life. His choices keep biting him in the back and he keeps paying and yet he is staying committed. Lord Jesus, You know he needs to stay committed, two divorces is enough for anyone…how I pray against a third divorce. They are not talking divorce. Father, forgive me I am ususally an open book but don’t feel led to share my son’s dirty laundry today…and You have partially lifted my burden already and I know that the rest of it will be lifted in time. I have to get my eyes off of the circumstances and on to You, where they belong. Thank you Father for the reminder that I have to put them on the altar and leave them there…this is totally out of my hands, always has been. Thank you for allowing me to see how to pray for them, what the needs are, so that You can put in my heart what to pray for them. Bless you Lord Jesus, for meeting me already this morning and for the hot tears that flowed that helped to heal my sorrowing heart. You are so amazing and I can NEVER thank you enough or praise You enough for all you do for me each and every day, all day long….I love you Lord. Thank you.

    • Father, Thank you for praying mothers whose prayers are incense before your Throne of Grace. I join Mary Lou in prayer for her son and grandson for direction, wisdom, and Lord, most of all, more of You in their lives and in their relationships. I ask in all faith, knowing not a single word from our hearts goes unheard, not a single prayer unanswered. Bless Mary Lou and David as they struggle with the pain of seeing their son off track. Thank you that he’s moving back toward You even as I type this, going to church, and seeking after You. For whatever reason he decided to go back to church, he knows You are the answer. Help him to direct his focus back to You. We know You answer the prayer for more wisdom. Grant us all more of Your holy wisdom that we may walk in Your way and not stray to the left or right.

      In Jesus’ Saving Name. Amen.

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