celebrating 30 years today

To my life-long Love,
Thirty years just doesn’t seem long enough. You still amaze me. My heart still dances when you enter a room. You can make or break my day with a single look. As long as we’re passing through this world on the same train, I think today might be a good day to renew the license, maybe with a few of the terms changed from the original contract, but mostly the same. The road’s will be a little more bumpy and we will need a good sense of humor, no doubt, but somehow it’s more doable knowing you’re beside me. You’re such a comfortable place for me. Thanks for the best 30 years of my life.


5 thoughts on “celebrating 30 years today

  1. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful thing to celebrate! (with someone who knows you so well.) I hope you enjoyed every bit of the day with your beloved.

    love you,

  2. Happy Anniversary!! what a beautiful legacy for your children,in this day of throw away marriages you all have made it for 30 years. That says to me that you are loving, committed, loyal people….the best kind to have as friends and companions. Blessings on your special day.

    Love you Annette,
    Mary Lou

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