sunday’s song – great is thy faithfulness

God was so sweet to me this weekend to bring a group of women with hearts for Him together to share life in person. I saw inner beauty before I saw outer beauty and inner depth before I knew circumstances. We were dwelling in the deep places first which flat doesn’t happen when you meet someone face to face for the first time. I am fully convinced this is what Heaven will be (times a hundred or more!)

Many times we read the words “And then they will know that I am God.” It struck me as such a simple request–to know Him. But to really know is my life’s journey that will stretch far into Eternity. Really knowing takes time. It takes investment. It requires trust. This weekend these women invested in some time away in search of more of Him. With faith, they set out to a stranger’s home. With expectation and hope they took the first step in huge faith. And He was so faithful to show up in a hundred little ways and some that could make me cry right now. Hearts were so vulnerable. Bodies so weary…simply prisoners of hope with a stirring inside to fall into the shelter of His wing. To abide in His presence. To rest in Him. And He was so very good to minister to each of us right where we needed tending.

Blessed Sunday to all. It’s time for the New Testament if any of you would like to join us over at String of Pearls. (Click on the 66 Love Letters Book in the right column to read with us!) What an awesome group of fellow journeymen I am walking together through this year’s readings. Tell me your prayer needs and we can pray together this week. I give my God such praise today for taking care of my son through an allergic reaction to a bee sting he had, and the care he got at the emergency room, and for the sweet friends that dropped everything and prayed with me for his healing. I also am most thankful for October chill in the air. What’s on your heart today?


3 thoughts on “sunday’s song – great is thy faithfulness

  1. One of my favorite songs ever…
    Pray for me. I’m trying to decide if I want to venture up to Rapid City, SD, in late NOVEMBER for an LPL event. I have the ticket, just hesitating about the next step.
    Love you!

  2. He is truly faithful. I am bowing my head in awe and gratitude for the ways He has made Himself known to me in the past week and how He has shown up twice and just blown me away. I am also grateful that His mercies are new each and every morning. Leaning on His everlasting arms…what a blessedness, what a joy is mine, leaning on the everlasting arms. Thank you for posting this song, blessed my heart to be reminded…love you

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