sunday’s song – testify to love

Celebrate with thanksgiving every single act of mercy, every step of Kingdom come, all the hope in every heart speak what Love has done. With every breath I take, I give thanks to God above. For as long as I shall live, I shall testify to the beauty, to the grace, of His mercy and love! Blessed Sunday!
What can I pray with you this day?


4 thoughts on “sunday’s song – testify to love

  1. I am giving Him thanks today for this time of rest. Believe it or not, I’m grateful for this nasty cold that is forcing me to “Be Still and Know.” I’m praying that I’ll be okay to work tomorrow since I know my boss will not like me calling in sick.

    Mary Lou, I am praying for you, your husband, your son and his wife.

    Love you both,
    Angie xoxo

    • Praying for your healing, Angie. It is an appointed time for you to rest right now. He knows what we need better than we realize. Let Him minister to you in your quiet place this day. Love you. Annette

  2. Please pray with me that the restlessness in my husband’s heart will cease….we have been members of our church for 30 years….he worships like he never did before and he likes the sermons…just not happy with some of the things that are being changed. I can understand why he doesn’t like some of the changes. He has been reading some books on discipleship and is agreeing with the author is right in his suppostions, but it will be the same at any church because man is man and I don’t want to leave at all….I just don’t want to leave and start over, I’m too old for that…we changed thirty years ago because of me, but it was the Lord and we’ve been more than blessed by the time we have been here. I think the Lord is working on him in some other areas too and he has his thinking confused…sorry to go on…just trying to semi explain and probably haven’t. I just don’t need more stress in my life, with my son’s marriage crumbling around him and he and his two boys here at times on his days off from the fire station, which is necessary and watching my son’s heart break over his best friend reject him. This is the first woman he has truly loved. The Lord has His hands all over my son and that is a praise..first God has a Gideon show up with a Bible when wanted one to read and then he goes for a mandatory physical and the conversation turns to God and they both tell each othe that they are believers and the dr. tells him that he likes his exercise program and to reduce the stress in his life and spend more time in prayer…..Now how many doctors ever tell you that and I have an internist that is a believer!!! I am sorry to go for so long, but we all know that I am a very wordy person. Love you, Annette, appreciate your prayers more than you have prayer partners here but still need you and the string of pearls….Have a great day worshipping our Lord. Love in Him, Mary Lou

    • Mary Lou I am praying with you in agreement for your husband’s heart to settle–you’re right–the politics are the same at every church.It’s rare that you both like the worship and the sermons-that’s a gift in itself. And I am praying with you for your son right now especially. God definitely has his hand on Him and won’t stop until He has him right where he wants Him. So glad you stopped by here this day. Much Grace and Peace be with you. Love, Annette

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