a new year of sunday songs ~ our God is greater

So fitting for a new year, a new beginning…
Whatever trial you face, the darkness of the unknown, the fear in looking ahead–no matter what– He is greater. Healer, awesome in power, He comes to tell you that you don’t have to do this by yourself. He will take it upon His shoulders and carry it for you. He will, faithful and true, be your Wisdom, your strength, your sweet place of peace in the midst of storm. He is greater than anything you face this day. Allow Him to take that burden for you. He already has.
If you have a prayer need or something that feels too big to handle alone, I encourage you to leave a comment, or email me and we can pray together about it.


2 thoughts on “a new year of sunday songs ~ our God is greater

  1. Heading to the doctor today for a follow up on “something that doesn’t look quite right.” I think I’ll be singing this while I’m being poked and prodded. Love you!

  2. Annette, I have a prayer request for a young friend of mine..she is the daughter of a friend and she is a friend of my daughter…Sally will be 40 this year…she is a godly young woman and has made all of the right choices. She did not marry till three or four years ago…she is just now expecting in June. A few weeks ago they discovered that she has aggressive breast cancer. They are starting chemo this Wed. It will not be strong chemo…they are going to deliver the baby at 36 weeks at which time she will then have a mastectomy and complete hysterectomy and then they will start the aggressive chemo on her. This young family to be needs lots of prayer. I really don’t know how to pray, just want to pray for God’s perfect will. I know that I think I know how I would want God to take care of this, but it’s about what He wants and now what I want or any one else. I just would appreciate Sally and her baby and family lifted to His throne of mercy and healing…thank you. Bless you..Love, Mary Lou

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