sunday’s song – healing is in Your hands

This powerful song’s message ministers to the deep places in my soul. My prayer is for a miracle for  Joanne Heim and her family this morning. I know healing is in His Hands. I pray for her husband, Toben, for strength, for her girls to be kept by His love, for her comfort and peace, but I am praying also for healing in the biggest way. What are your prayers this morning? May I join you and you join me in keeping a vigil for those who need healing?

Published by annettegeffert

a journeyman, observer, life lover. Jesus causes me to wonder better and fills the potholes.

2 thoughts on “sunday’s song – healing is in Your hands

  1. I’m also praying for your friend’s daughter. I am glad you left her name. I join you in praying for Sally’s healing and protection for that baby. These are the things we can do right now for them. There was so much in our study this year on intercessory prayer. We are calling down the Forces of Heaven on their behalf.

  2. I just prayed your prayer. So, there are two of us in agreement in prayer. Praying for a miracle for Joanne. Praying for a miracle for my young friend Sally and her unborn baby.

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