sunday’s song – power in the blood

Joanne is starting to wake up as I post this. I pray now for continued healing for God to shine and do His work in their lives as we continue to hold them up in prayer. The journey is long and hard back, but there is some real progress and sweet news this day.

As is our custom on annie’s eyes, Sundays are for praise and worship. Today, I’m singing praises for our healing God and His faithfulness. May I pray with you? What’s on your heart this day?


8 thoughts on “sunday’s song – power in the blood

  1. I think you know what to pray for us. I am asking God Isaiah 40:4 that HE would raise up our valleys that He might be glorified in our little family. The valleys are pretty deep to get out of right now. HE just keeps meeting me there. Thank you so much for praying. I don’t blog much anymore. Twitter and Facebook have takenover. Love you Lots. Just prayed for you Isaiah 30:18, Love, Bev

    • I continue to stand with you, Bev, for you and Bob to be in the center of God’s Will, for His provision, for His mercy in your meantime. May He infuse your heart with hope. The right jobs, open doors, His favor…and that He will make straight the paths that lead to Him. Hebrews 12:12-13 He knows, Bev. He is taking care of you and loves you so much. I wish you could be whisked away and have a vacation from your troubles, but I also know you cannot circumvent God nor would your sweet heart want to. Sending love and hugs your way, my friend.

  2. Amen, Annette. Prayed with you. It’s time for some praise! Now for continued protection against complication and further and complete healing–head to toe.

  3. Thank You Lord for Joanne’s healing. We pray for complete healing Lord. I plead the Blood of Jesus over her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, no weapon formed against her will prosper. In the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray.

  4. Please pray that Kurt and Stacie will find jobs soon!

    Prayers for your sweet, sweet friend Joanne and for her complete recovery!

    Thank you,
    Love you

    • Praying right now for Kurt and Stacie, Paula. Jobs are hard to find right now, but they are both so delightful–they shine with Him. Praying for favor and for the right doors to open. Love you, Paula.

  5. Praising God for Joanne beginning to wake up. There truly is power in the blood. Oh, how the blood that covers my sin and makes me acceptable to Him.
    How it frees us from sin and washes us white as snow…love, love this song and love Fernando Ortega. Thank you for posting this song. Praising God for such an upbeat report on Joanne.

    • Thank you for stopping by here and sharing my joy in Joanne’s recovery. We have been blessed to partner in prayer on her behalf and for her family. He is a Mighty God we serve. I lift up Sally also this morning to His Healing Hands and for her family. Especially this morning, I ask Him to infuse Hope into the darkness for them. Love you, Mary Lou.

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