sunday’s song – how great is our God

Over the last week, I’ve felt a heaviness and burden for a friend’s grown child that I have had a hard time shaking. I have spent the better part of the week down about the whole situation. Then it hit me as I read Joanne Heim’s sister’s blog that I have not been singing or praying any praise in my prayers. They are more like begging God without  any of His signature joy and praise in my heart. Today, I’m changing that. The situation hasn’t changed, but being somewhat paralyzed over it has to go. It’s time to get up and praise, with a mustard seed of faith that He is doing exactly what He needs to be doing in this girl’s life, and my prayers should be gratitude filled for that. So that’s the plan for this Sunday. What is on your heart today?

I know you might be tired of me featuring so many Hillsong recordings, but the Australian group continues to produce some of the most worshipful songs of the last two decades. I think Don Moen might have written this song, but this version is pure worship. Simple melodies with truth that ministers to the heart–a great way to start a Sunday morning. Whether you’re in His House this day or not, take time this day to worship Him. He’s so worthy.


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