2013 SSMT2 Waves of mercy

His mercy flows in wave after wave
on those who are in awe before him.

~Luke 1:50, The Message

New mercies every morning, I awaken to His unfathomable kindness toward me. I am in awe of this huge God Who somehow cares about the details of my life. Lots of stuff going on right now, none really bad nor really awesome, but the days are busy for me–a little too busy, truth be told. I don’t seem to do anything well, and not a lot gets done. And so we’re two weeks into this new year of possibilities. I have a long resolutions list that I made, and my intent is to master a few of them, but take them on seriously one at a time. Best of intentions, but little progress. But the good news in all of it is that He knows our frame.

If I weren’t sure He’d be there tomorrow morning to catch me as I falter, I am not sure I’d care to try. I know His sure Hand that steadies my path and His encouraging words, “Get up and dust yourself off, and try again.” After all, what are resolutions for if they aren’t to measure how badly we fail? Just kidding. Sort of.

Surely, we will fail. We can’t but God can, and sweetly, that’s enough for this beautiful God Whom we serve. Just bend the neck low before Him, confess our feeble frame, and see His mercy fall over the heap of tired bones and make them new again, ready for another day.



5 thoughts on “2013 SSMT2 Waves of mercy

  1. Okay, I must really want you to join me in memorizing Scripture because this is my third try to post this comment. It’s not too late to add another Scripture verse to your collection for 2013. I would love to do it together and I need help getting held accountable (Don’t ya love how I’m trying to guilt you into it? Ha)!

  2. I have a picture in my mind that would be perfect for your verse. Wave after wave. I could sit in a chair watching the waves forever. No two are exactly alike. Sometimes it’s calm and at other times the waves come crashing in hard. It’s impossible NOT to be in awe of Him who gives us a chance to start over new every day. Thank you for sharing your verse. I love it!

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