Come Boldly in 2014

Every year about this time, I begin wondering where God will take me next in the coming year. To be honest, some years more than others. This year, especially, I am anxious to see  what is in store for us as we meet with Him each day through String of Pearls blog and with the devotional readings from Come Boldly.

It’s not so much a sense of anxiousness but of eager anticipation, as I have longed this year for a real connectedness to seek His Face through prayer. Because it has been such a life-changing adventure, I will continue to read the Bible in a year as my daily reading time, but am adding a devotional on prayer called Come Boldly. The whole Bible is filled with examples of prayer and intimacy with God so it should fit nicely together each week. Then on Mondays, I will comment here on this blog with the Come Boldly devotions that correspond with the daily readings for the week.

In 2014, we (A String of Pearls Blog) are reading the Bible chronologically with a focus on intimacy with God through prayer. We also will be using a devotional entitled, Come Boldly: Timeless Daily Encouragements on Prayer to hone in on Scriptures dealing with prayer and the prayer life each week.


Are you ready to shake things up a bit in your prayer life? Are you just wanting to get some regular quiet time with God in each day? Are you looking for a new vantage point to see your life? Come on this adventure with us! I can tell you with certainty that picking up His Word each day with an open heart to hear God will forever change you.

To read along with us each day, just click on the sidebar at the right to “Read Today’s Passage.” After you’ve read today’s readings, select the devotional(s) with the corresponding Scriptures from the index found in the back of Come Boldly. For example, the first week of the year, we will be reading in Genesis, so the corresponding devotionals will be the three devotionals with Scripture references from Genesis found in the index. The next week, because we are reading the Bible in chronological order, we will pick devotionals from the index with Job references.

I’ve really sensed this past year that God wants more of me and that He is making us ready. “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.” (Philippians 1:6) What lies ahead in 2014, we do not know, but let us be found in Him.

Hope to see you next Monday!


4 thoughts on “Come Boldly in 2014

  1. Wonderful post….have ordered the book…will have in time for next week. Looking forward to reading through the Bible with you and Bev and the other Pearls for the eighth year. Hard to believe this journey with you all started in 07, or at least I think that is when. Could have been 08, but either year that is quite a long time. Looking forward to Come Boldly. Loved 66 Love Letters. Love you dearly in Christ….

    • Oh, I’m so excited that you will be doing this with us, Mary Lou. It is no coincidence that our churches are focused on prayer and we are centering our study this year on the prayer life! Cannot wait…thank you for stopping in, Mary Lou!

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