His Word

God still makes me smile and shake my head in wonder. And I’m still surprised when He does. This weekend, five hundred “virtual” friends got together at my home church and celebrated being in the Word of God, memorizing 24 Scriptures throughout 2009. I was thankful to meet a few new faces to connect with the sweet hearts I already knew better than some of my actual neighborhood friends. And though I haven’t met some of you yet, I know God has a sweet plan for that timing, too. Just a little recap: Angie came down to Texas all the way from Michigan and we had a little too much fun together, with indulgences including facials (thank you very much for that birthday present, Angie! My now-hydrated-however-old face thanks you even more), extravagant Mexican brunch buffets, and an almost dip in the spa, but for two too tired bodies that couldn’t wait the thirty minutes for it to heat up. Shared moments of deep reflection, heart-felt laughs, and real connectedness that only Christ could manage to see to fruition was the theme for the weekend. Beautiful Sherry P. was so thoughtful to call us to share Pappasitos and new friendships. Angie and I picked up tender-hearted, sweet  Sylvia and headed down to the church together.  Bev joined us for Friday night worship and the Word, then we had some precious time together to visit on Sunday evening. Annette H. joined us on Saturday for some delicious “real food”–no salads for this celebration and some God-glorifying time together. I got to meet **twinkle (Deborah) and several other dear sisters in the Lord at the event. God really blessed our time of reunions with much laughter and soul connection.

I deliberately didn’t take pictures this time just to take everything in instead of documenting it, so I’m sorry for not having lots to share for those who didn’t make it. Mostly, I want to say to you, if you weren’t there, God has something else especially planned just for you. What I think I have learned is that life rarely looks like what we think it is going to. This event didn’t look like I thought it would. God had another lesson for me, not the one that was taught by my sweet sister, Beth. God wanted to remind me that He doesn’t share His glory with anyone. He alone is God. He alone is worthy. His Word IS the reward. Tucked in my heart, His Word is my catalyst for change to be transformed, to be less about me and more about His wondrous love. I am awestruck by the wisdom and love His Word offers my wandering heart. When It interrupts my decrepit thoughts and infuses them with its transcending power, it decreases the “me” part and increase the “He.” If you get a chance, read through Psalm 119, claim its promises, and let the words really affect you, especially all the benefits of being steeped in Scripture. You can take those promises to the spiritual bank–you’ll never be the same.

How  good He is, in His timing, to do the work He sets out to accomplish in each of us.


8 thoughts on “His Word

  1. Annie,
    It was very nice to meet you in person. I’ve heard a lot about you from our friend, Sherry.
    Lunch was very enjoyable and I’m so glad it worked out for you and Angie to be able to meet us.
    The weekend was absolutely fabulous in every way. I’m so thankful I was able to attend.
    Your church was so amazing to allow us to come and all be together.
    God bless you,

  2. Annie…when I saw you, it was like seeing family after a long separation! Really! That’s the only way I know to describe our FIRST meeting. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you so much through blogtown. So, when we finally met, you WERE like family to me! I guess that’s what this whole event reminded me of…a family reunion of all my sisters.
    It’s taken me a while to catch up on sleep and responsibilities around here, but I will be posting my thoughts later. We had the best time and the true prize was the scripture we have written on our hearts. I get a catch in my throat when I think about all of us and the verses we learned. It was the blessing of my year…2009…and I hope to continue with more verses this year.
    Love you!

  3. What a beautiful picture you painted. Thank you for your beautiful words that God has something planned for those of us who could not make this trip. Wish I could have been there, but knew God had other ideas and I was content with His plan for me. Love you, loved your words…Mary Lou

  4. Please forgive my editing ability it will improve I pray. I just saw one error there maybe more…however you know my heart and what I mean Sweet Siesta Sista.


  5. Angelic Annette,

    You are such a gift in many ways. Today your ability to write and describe this past weekend is blesses me beyond words for the truth I read in it. You encourage me that just maybe I can do this too with Sylvia’s Song. I don’t ever want to forget Friday night or even Saturday morning.

    The maturity I see in what you wrote is profound to me…thank you for sharing your life and your friends with me.

    Grace and Peace,

  6. I couldn’t have said it better, so I’m not even going to try. As I think about those sweet women who went there alone, it still almost brings me to tears. He alone deserves the Glory! Thank you so so much for everything you mentioned in this post! I treasure your friendship more than you’ll ever know!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  7. I read Twinkle’s blog…I would love to meet her too…so glad to spend time w/ you and Ang praising the Lord as well as lunch!

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