sunday’s song – no more night

For all the saints who have gone before us, especially Angie’s mom, Annette H’s dad, my own parents, and for all who are in Christ on one amazing Day! Praying today for all those who have lost loved ones that all may know this glorious Hope found in Jesus alone.


sunday’s song – when I think about the Lord

One of the closing songs at yesterday’s Restoring Honor Rally in D.C. was this beautiful Hillsong praise song. Let’s pray for our country today.
And if you need any prayer, I’m with you praying this day–especially you, Karen M. for Jonathan and for your family. May God send His healing power over us and in us and through us! Amen.

sunday’s song – there is a way AND happy birthday, GREG!

Today’s my #1 son’s birthday, and we celebrate him with such joy. He’s an amazing guy that makes me so proud. Greg, we wish you all the best, much love & His blessing in this next year. Love you so much, Buddy! Mom

I’ve been singing this song since I heard it for the first time last Sunday on the way home from church. It is such a catchy tune. I bet you’ll be singing it with me after a listen. Sunday blessings to you. I invite you to leave your prayers in the comments. Know you have a prayer partner here that will pray it with you through the week. Have a good one, y’all.
(Maybe I finally used my quota of YouTube videos because I’m not able to post one  tonight. If you’d like to listen, here is the link.)

sunday’s song – healing hand of God

Sunday’s are for prayer requests and worship here at annie’s eyes. Share your heart here and I’ll join you in prayer through the week. Please keep Karen (A Time for Everything) in your prayers this week as she recovers from gall bladder surgery. Thanks be to God for His healing Hand and faithfulness.